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Oridinal writing - "Dad how long before we get home?" I asked.

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"Nelson" ............ "New York" ........... "Nairobi" My brothers and I had been going on for ages, we were naming cities beginning with different letters, we had already done footballers and cricketers, we had even tried family members but after number 153.5 (our cousin was pregnant) it just was not fun. Being bored and having nothing to do can make you do very courageous or as in this case very stupid things. "Dad how long before we get home?" I asked. Big mistake, never interrupt my dad during a conversation especially when he is talking politics. Now that I had asked the question and realised my mistake I was expecting an answer but I got something much worse, SCILENCE. You would think I had learnt my lesson but no I asked him again "Dad how long left?" "Shazib SHUT UP" My dad cried back. ...read more.


They could not get my dad and his friend (who were both unconscious) out because they were trapped. The only way to get them out was to get the car in its normal position this took a long time. Mean while my brothers had started to cry, they were swearing at the truck driver (who had long gone) I decided to join them even though I had no idea why they were doing this. Then out of nowhere a man came up to us and handed my eldest brother my dad's wallet. I found this extremely unusual, as I would not expect someone to do that. My brother found my dads watch witch had cracked and stopped. Finally after about 20 agonising minutes we were on our way to the hospital with both of the grown ups. I can't remember how long we stayed in the hospital but it was a long time. ...read more.


When she opened the door and we walked in she just stood there, mouth wide open and the colour of her face as white as milk. She like the rest of us had never seen Dad so helpless, his arms were bandaged and he was walking very slowly. Hopefully I will never see my dad like that again. Whilst my dad had been driving he had his hand outside of the car this wasn't unusual in Pakistan because it is very hot and humid. When the car had crashed the glass from the broken windscreen had apparently got into his arm. Days later we were still finding pieces of glass in his arm someone had not done their job properly. My family still does not talk about that evening, much but from time to time I find my dads watch which he wore that day. It looks back at me and says don't forget what happened at 6:20 pm on the 29th of August 1995. ...read more.

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