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GCSE English Coursework Original Writing "He's over there," the butler said. A tall stoutly man, Alfred the butler had been serving the Parmigiano household for 25 years and prided himself for his loyalty, even though he disapproved of Mr Parmigiano's reserved attitude towards him. In fact, Alfred didn't remember a single word that Mr Parmigiano had said. The occasional smile or acknowledged glance, nothing untoward, but there was something that he could not put his finger on, he seemed to be silent too much. Alfred motioned towards two mountainous doors; they must have been at least 15 feet tall. He knocked once, and heaved open the door. "There is somebody to see you sir," he bellowed. Alfred turned to face a studious looking young lady behind him; he smiled to her and signalled for her to walk through. "Thank you Alfred," she replied in a mellifluous, well-educated voice, emanating a certain degree of power and respect and she strolled through. Thud! The door behind her slammed shut, the room was dark, no windows, just a lantern in the roof radiating enough light for make visible the surroundings. The room resembled more to a cupola than to a vestibule; the renaissance al frescos covered domed ceiling and in the cylindrical room six crevices each contained magnificent bronze statues. ...read more.


Godwin" was scrawled on the cover. He walked back toward Victoria and placed it on the table. Victoria recalled from her childhood how famous this book had made her father, every other architect in the world aspired to him when it was published, it was like a bible to designers and architects alike. A letter and a newspaper clipping fell out of the book as Victoria picked it up. She retrieved the letter and looked at Mr Parmigiano for conformation that she was allowed to read it. He nodded. It was addressed to A. Parmigiano. As Victoria was reading, she noticed that the handwriting was somewhat familiar; the formation of the g's and the dots on the i's uncannily resembled her father's handwriting. Then she began to read the article from the newspaper. It claimed that Mr Parmigiano had used Mr Godwin to become a world-renowned author and architect. "So - I'm confused. What really happened?" "I cannot speak here - the place is bugged." Mr Parmigiano muttered in a continental accent. Bugged? Victoria seemed rather confused. By whom? "It has been 23 years since your father claimed I was using him, when in fact it was the opposite way round. He didn't know anything about architecture and that's why he came to me for help" "You're -" "- Shh!" ...read more.


The end was in sight, then a dark figure of a man appeared at the exit, she began to slow, the features where becoming more familiar, it was Alfred the butler. But he was behind me! She stopped dead. Someone was still chasing her from behind, she turned around, and it was Mr Parmigiano. I thought you were dead. Alfred moved closer pointing the gun in the middle of her chest and then Mr Parmigiano pulled out a gun as well. She was trapped! "I trusted you Mr Parmigiano!" she wailed. "I trusted your father, see where that got me, nowhere" he proclaimed. He levelled the gun at Victoria's chest, Victoria's panic turned inward, her senses on overload. She reacted on instinct as the gun went off. Launching towards Mr. Parmigiano, she hit the floor hard. The stone cushioned her fall with the grace of cold steel. Footsteps closed behind her. She began scrambling blindly for her life, but to no avail, she froze. Another bullet exploded. It hit her right in the chest. The burning pain seared through her. She felt her soul being sucked away whilst ebbing in and out of consciousness. Even in the shadows of a stony passageway, Victoria retained an air of quiet dignity. The flames of the torches flickered softly and then with a final gust of wind they blew out completely. THE END ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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