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Descriptive Writing An eerie mist engulfed me like being wrapped in a blanket. Every breath I took created small clouds of white in front of me. Slowly, I stumbled onwards leaving a trail of footsteps behind me, stepping on the snow that silently lay on the ground. It made a sort of crunching sound, like when you bite into an apple. As the bright moonlight glistened down it cast mystic and weary shadows that surrounded me. I was scared, terrified in fact. I thought it was best to go back the way I came but something deep inside me made me continue this frightful journey. Suddenly, something was coming at me. ...read more.


Trudging along, I looked down at my feet and back up. There, in the middle of nowhere stood a mysterious, aging building. A spire climbed up towards the earth's atmosphere as though it was trying to escape this portentous place. Overgrown ivy clambered up the building's side. Stain glassed windows decorated it but instead of being colourful and imaginative, they had been replaced with dull and boring looking ones. I staggered towards one of the windows, through many nettles and other untamed weeds. As I peered inside I noticed a minute candle flickering in the distance. I scanned the building for any sign of movement, there was none? Why was there a candle and no-one there? ...read more.


I wandered aimlessly to the front and there stood an alter. It looked like it had recently been decorated, but the flowers, which were once white roses were now a dirty yellow colour. I spun around quickly and realised that the whole place was decorated like this. Turning to face the alter again, I remised about my wedding day. It was gorgeous. Lots of white roses. Just like here. Behind the alter laid a large, brown coffin. On the top, engraved on a gold plaque were the words: A beloved wife, mother and daughter. 25th Jan 1940 - 5th Nov 1995. Wait... That was this year. Why was this coffin still here? Why hadn't it been buried? I opened the coffin. Inside was a body. Not of a woman... But a man. This man was familiar to me. This man was my husband. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jessica Stallard ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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