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Sachyn Patel 10sw Original writing Tense moment in sport 320-6: an exceptional score on a crumbling pitch. "How will the Indians catch up?" the commentator bellows. He is shouting so vigorously that it would frighten little children. The fans nervously wait for the Indian performers to take the stage and win the pride of their country. They have the honour of batting in the final of this thrilling 100th anniversary World Cup. The Indians are a fantastic team. They have beaten the best, apart from one, South Africa! Millions of fans fill the stadium, with many watching on their television sets. Each anticipating the final two balls to occur. The crowds are going wild and cheering their favourite team, they are like wild and dangerous animals. ...read more.


The bowler is under a lot of pressure to give a good delivery. You can literally see the sweat pouring from his face. The beads of sweat shining in the sunlight make it look like he is being drenched by the rain. The ball is a glistening red, like a bright red apple. You can actually see the logo of a top brand Kookaburra, shining and reflecting in the sun and onto the player's top. The first delivery is bowled and goes for a gigantic six, soaring through the air like an eagle flying at high speeds. Quickly, the batsman gets on his front foot and times it wonderfully through the leg side thus giving it, the elevation it needs to storm through the air. ...read more.


The last delivery is bowled and it is a no ball, who would have expected this fantastic bowler to bowl such a dreadful delivery? This gives India their well-deserved win. Because they have never ever had the opportunity to win a world cup Quickly fans and commentators get on their feet and cheer wildly, as they never have before because of India's poor performance in the past. While the South African fans are stunned. Because they have never ever seen such a fantastic team lose a world cup. This is disastrous news to them. They were expecting this superb team to beat the Indians and Indian fans are now relived and satisfied that they have won the final of the world cup. The Indians stroll back to the pavilion delighted whereas as the South Africans were depressed and angry like a country losing a war and suffering the aftermath of the war they have lost. ...read more.

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