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The Sorrow of Christmas My emotions were replaced with sorrow; the start of the Christmas holiday marked the death of my guiltless friend: Farzan Khan. After his departure, I felt the solitary confinement upon me. My internal sentiment, isolated and disheartened from the pain. When my comrade had welcomed demise, defeat, It's like a star descending from the sky. Tonight my tears fall with soreness, only seen from the distance, how can anyone replace what has just happened. Tomorrow becomes the past, another day forgotten, I can never forget the moment as my heart silently cries, tonight I reminisce the day of torment of the fallen star. The last day of term had approached swiftly, as I recollect, I remember the senior staff member drew nearer with every step. She positioned herself in front of the whole class and bellowed 'home time' like a scream of joy. There was a split second silence. ...read more.


The astonishment had overcome my emotions, I couldn't believe what had bestowed in front of me. He quietly, said' this isn't the way you want to live; but this is how it is'. I questioned 'I don't understand', he replied with a voice of peace' you'll find out soon'. His voice, a drifting, eternal echo, engraved into the depths of my mind, left me wondering how harsh this world could be; deleting my comrades life from a merciless gunshot. As my family don't celebrate Christmas, it felt like another day from our perspective. However, we visited our close relatives in Essex. Nevertheless we celebrated a festival in my religion called Eid. As I rose at the break of dawn, I reminisced my past and watched the sunrise: praying for better days. Today is the day where only happiness could exist. After I had finished having a shower I was getting ready to go to the mosque. ...read more.


As the sun rises again, life goes on. Boxing day was another normal day. News years eve had approached as I was working at my uncles takeaway restaurant. I started work at six and finished at midnight. As I was going home in my brothers cars, I watched the firework in the skies. The colours blended and brightened up the horizon, I wished my brother happy new year. On new years day, I went to my aunts house and enjoyed every moment of the happiness of new year with my cousins. Sadly, the holiday came to an end, my obstacles I had to rise up to were gone. Now I had look upon the future, taking more care about my education. In the event of Farzans demise, we both got to die but he chose to go before me: life goes on. And as I wipe the last tear from my eyes, I wish to overcome every battle I face, and concentrate on my GCSE's. Just like when Muhammad Ali concentrated to beat Sonny Liston: I can Do it Too. ...read more.

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