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original writing : Do kids have ambitions or do they

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(Magazine article) Do kids have ambitions or do they 'Just go with the flow' Ambitions. An egger desire to achieve something in life. Now a days if you ask kids what are your ambitions forty two percent reply 'I don't have any I just go with the flow and see what life has in store for me'. Is this the answer we really want to hear from our future leaders this doesn't sound very promising. Having ambitions to be or do something is encouraging to achieve your goals. If you have an ambition you have something to work towards however kids today just want to play computer games and set no targets in life for them self. ...read more.


She was once a normal person with a ambition working hard got her this far and now she is where she wanted to be in life at the top of her game. From ordinary people like Anna to famous people Britney Spears have ambitions her ambition was to become a singer from a young age she has been working hard to succeed in becoming a singer. She didn't just wake up one day and just become what she is today she worked hard for it. It was her ambition since she was a young girl and today look at her she has fulfilled her ambition. ...read more.


This is something that has been proven right so people of today should use this to make a better life for themselves. Education is something that can help achieve a lot of peoples ambitions and should be taken very seriously. But not every one is a academic but this still applies because if your ambition is sport you still have to educate yourself with the knowledge to platy the game. Every one should have ambitions and believe they can succeed children and adults, people of all ages. One thing this world lacks is people believing in them selves' all you need is some belief and determination to fulfil your ambitions. Have a goal in life and you will achieve anything. ...read more.

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