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Original writing - Sunshine in the rain.

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Sunshine in the rain I wanted to start my story with "It all began one day when..." but I can't. Things have been like this since before I can remember- I can't remember when it all began. It doesn't really bother me I suppose, but at times like this I launch into a plea of self-pity, getting myself totally depressed. It's not like I know anything else. Other ways of life are alien to me. The television shows a window of surreality. Where Mummy cooks tea for Daddy when he comes home, and little Daniel, (that's me) sits down at 6:00 to do an hour of homework. My school friends and everyone close to me in my life live like this. I never have. I don't hate my life that much the way it is. I have learnt through the years to be grateful for what I have. Sometimes I wish that I lived in a normal family. Where everything was ordinary. There were no surprises, like last year when suddenly we had to sell our house and move to this council flat that I'm in now. I'm abnormally depressed today; normally these petty problems don't bother me, who wants to be the same? I always tell myself that, at least I have some individuality in my life. Maybe a little too much. What's really on my mind is what will happen today. It's quite a big day actually, well for me it is. ...read more.


"Oh right" I say. I feel really bad with myself, guilty because I know mum has to work. I was being selfish. "Daniel?" she questions, "you are happy aren't you?" I almost choke on the toothpaste. I'm surprised. Mums never asked me that before. Like I said my life is full of surprises, and Mum often asks me things that really make me think. But this question stumps me. "I know the house isn't great, and Dad and I are often out. I know you were having problems at school last term. But we've got each other. And we are happy, aren't we?" I think about this for a moment. I'm sure Mums right. She always is, " Yeah, 'spose so," I'm not in the mood to think about it properly. So I pour out my Weetos, and forget about it. Mum leaves the room, apparently satisfied with my hurried answer. I'm feeling a bit sick, and I think it's the Weetos. I used to love them, but I eat them every day now. The chocolaty sugar, which used to appeal to me, now makes me feel ill. Dad gets them free with his job, so I'm not complaining. Eating my breakfast, I am all right. I'm quite looking forward to today, in a strange way. Well not really. It's like a roller coaster. You're scared when you're queuing. But it's like the way you feel just when the safety bar comes down; just when you know there's no turning back. ...read more.


Johnny says he's having a party next week and I can come. My form teacher's called Mr Patterson. He's old, but quite sweet really. He brought us all a king sized mars bar to say welcome. I met a few of Johnny's friends as well. They live in my flat too. They're really nice. I walked back with Lara from school today. She lives on my floor and her parents work all the time, like mine. We're quite similar. Most people I've met today are pretty similar to me. I know the flats a big place but I can't believe I've never noticed any of them before. I'm watching TV now at home, Mum is still working and Dads getting ready for work in his room. I'm thinking about breakfast again, Not the Weetos, but Mums question. I have decided, especially after today at school, that I am happy. I like my unusual "sunshine in the rain" life. Every thing about it! "How was school? Get you working hard did they?" Dad says walking in. I smile, but before I have a chance to answer, the phone is ringing. I pick it up. "Hello?" "Hey, is that Danny? It's me Johnny. Just thought I'd ask. I'm not doing anything tonight, so if you want to come round my house. I want to try out my new play station with someone?" I'm so pleased. I don't think any of my friends have called me up before. Things seem different at this new school, and it's only my first day! I'm sure things are just gonna get better! "Sure, I'll be over in five!" Holly Budgen 10G Coursework ...read more.

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