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Original writing - The assassin.

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Original writing He lay on the shaded part of a warehouse roof with a good view of the target's house and the area surrounding it. He stared through the rifle scope. His eyes looked menacing. He had a determined look on his face. And by looking at him you could sense his arrogance due to his evil smirk, he knew that he had done it many times before. The target's house was tidy in one of the upper-class areas of town, the street it was on was quiet no-one was around. Perfect for what was going to happen. His patience seemed to last forever. His thin expressionless face stayed fixed on the target's house, never looking away from his target. ...read more.


The eyes on the paintings seemed to follow him around. The victim's large black car approached; it slowly drove down the road, opening the electrically controlled gates with a remote control, and then sweeping onto the gravel drive making a crunching sound as it passed over it, making two large indentations in the gravel he was smoking a large cigar causing a potent tobacco odour to drift through the air. The assassin cocked back the firing mechanism on his gun, the cold metal pressed against him as he placed his finger on the trigger. He knew when he wanted to shoot the victim; when he paused to open his front door. ...read more.


He fell into the door with a large thud then slowly slid down the wall until he lay to rest slumped like a discarded doll. That bullet ripped his live away from him in an instant. The assassin started to pack away his rifle firstly removing the bipod used to support it, then the scope, then the magazine, then the silencer each done with great intricacy and skill, the way he did it seemed almost lovingly. Packing it all into its case, then finally the rifle. The assassin jumped down from the warehouse roof with his case firmly in his hands. He ran the short distance to his car placed the case in his car, got in his car and casually drove away as if nothing had happened. His casualness was inhuman. He had just stolen someone's life from them in cold blood. He showed no remorse. ...read more.

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