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Our Day Out

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A major theme in 'our day out' is the lack of education and opportunity for young people in the inner city. Using scenes from the play show how Willy Russell makes the audience aware of this theme. In this essay I will be explaining and discussing the main theme in the play 'Our day out'. I will use the scenes in the play to show how author Willy Russell made the audience aware of the lack of education and opportunities for young people in the inner city of Liverpool in the 70s. The main theme in the Willy Russell play is a class known as the progress class which is taken by Mrs. Kay. The class has been given an opportunity to go to Conwy castle in Wales on a school trip. However the class has been tagged along by; a deputy head teacher, two loved up teachers and two bullies. Also it includes many stops to unfamiliar places such as; a shut cafe, a crazy sweet shop, an empty zoo, a fun beach and a wacky fun fair. It points out the depressing present and empty future for these students from the backstreets of Liverpool, as there is high unemployment, no education and social deprivation such as; poor living conditions, loss of money, jobs, and lack of aspiration amongst the community. ...read more.


Lemonade never touches their lips." This way the kids were able to sneak the lemonade and the chocolate on board without the bus driver knowing. Unlike Mrs. Kay, Mr. John Briggs is the authoritarian Deputy Headmaster as he is very strict and tries to discipline the children. He feels very strong about education and doesn't think having fun links in with it. He is very arrogant and shouts and commands the children instead of asking politely, for example "Sit down now, come on move." Unfortunately the children don't listen or respect him in the way that they should. The styles of teaching are very different between Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs; however between the two of them I personally would prefer Mrs. Kay and think I would enjoy a school trip with her. This is because she is more laid back, treats the children well and is easy to talk to. However there is a disadvantage to this style of teaching as some children may try to take advantage of her, especially when she offers privileges. Willy Russell uses a lot of dramatic devices in his plays and tries to show comparisons and metaphors for situations. ...read more.


Although we saw a different side to Mr Briggs I think he was being genuine and was most probably scared that Carol would jump. However he soon changed when he got back to the school so that his reputation would not be damaged. This was shown in the last scene when he removes the film from the camera and then he looks at the film and then up at the school. He pulls open the film and exposes it to the light, crumples it up and puts it into his pocket. This is because he did not want anyone to see him having fun with the children. It was a dramatic ending, especially when he drove past Carol as if nothing had happened or been said on the Cliff. It also showed that the day out hadn't changed anything. However I do think that Mr Briggs realised that shouting isn't always the best way of dealing with things. Despite the brilliant day that Progress Class had, they still came back to the same problems that had been there the day before. This included Carol's poor home life and Mr. Briggs being his nasty self and still not trusting the children. However the children were able to see another side of how their lives could be and were able to learn a lot from the day. ...read more.

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