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Our Day Out.

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Our Day Out A great writer named Willy Russell wrote this play. He did not inherit the best start in life. He was from a working class family from Whiston, which is in the outskirts of Liverpool so he would have known what the living situation was like in Liverpool in this time. Willy Russell was no genius in school and he left at 16 to become a hairdresser. His next career move took him to Ford motors as a night shift cleaner and in this stage in his life when he began to do his A levels he done them and passed. After that he went on to become a teacher, so in that time working as a teacher he probably based some of the characters in this play on people he knew. He worked as a teacher for a year or two. Then after the success of his musical John, Paul, George, Ringo and Bert he took up his play-writing full time. He wrote some famous plays like Blood Brothers, Educating Rita and Shirley Valentine. Then our day out. The story of are day out is about a progress class from Liverpool. They are going on a day to Wales to visit Conway castle. But for most of the kids on this trip its their first time outside Liverpool. ...read more.


The carol asked her if she worked hard could she be able to live in one of those nice places Mrs Kay said well you could try to keep the dream alive. Another person who is having a hard life is Andrews doesn't have a very good home life either he has been smoking for five years and his parents know about it. His mother and father don't live together. Andrews " Sir, he just comes round every now an' then an' has a barney with me mum. Then he goes off again. I think he tries to get money off her but she won't give him it though. She hates him. We all hate him." Mr Briggs seems quite upset about these children and their lives that they live. He tells Andrews to try and stop smoking and he doesn't seem to understand at first what the children are telling him, it takes him a while to realise how poor they are. The kind of language between the teachers and the children also shows the social disadvantage, the children have a very limited vocabulary and strong accents where the teachers don't have very strong accents. In the next scene there is a roadside caf� but when they see that they see the sign Liverpool to Conway they lock up their shop and would not let them in I believe that this is because they have had the shop for a good while and from there experiences the children of Liverpool are little thieves. ...read more.


At the cliff scene Briggs is surprised by carols anger and the way she want to stay in Wales. At the start before carol said she would jump Briggs was calling the shots. When she says it brig is astonished. Then carol said to Briggs you wouldn't care if I jumped. Then Briggs said, " Then why am I here trying to stop you." Then carol said, " because if I jump over, you will get in trouble when you get back to school. That why Briggsy you hate me! What carol said was true to a certain extent. Briggs told lies in the end to stop her jumping by saying when she is old she could get a good job and move out there. Then she said don't be frigging stupid she knows it cannot be. Then carol says if you had been my old man id be all right. So she thinks Briggs is well of. Then at the end of the heat felt conversation Briggs reaches out his hand and brings her back and neither of them would tell any one what happened. Then the Briggs in the next scene is different to the children he even brought them to the fair ground. Then at the very end when they got back to school Mr Briggs says he will get the photos developed but at the very end he exposes it to light he does this because he wants things to do back to normal. And does not want to lose respect from his pupils. ...read more.

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