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our day out

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'Our Day Out' Coursework. Mrs Kay, is a friendly, helpful teacher, who teaches the progress class. She is fun, and gets on well with the children. Even though she has a different way of teaching, compared to the other teachers, she lets the children do as they please. 'The only rule we have today, is to think of yourselves and others, and have fun!' Is what she said before the class left for the trip. This shows she is laid back, yet wants the children to enjoy themselves too. The children see her as fun, as one student said to her 'Your ace miss!' Mr Briggs is a very isolated and arrogant teacher. He is vastly disliked between students and staff. 'Arrogant get, that one is' as Les the lollipop man commented, as he drove past. The children think of him as a bore and rather controlling. 'But a lot of you haven't been on a school trip before, so you wont know how to behave. So ill tell you.' This shows he likes things his way, and wants everything to be perfect. In contrast to both characters, Mrs Kay is a fun, laidback teacher, yet Mr Briggs is a controlling bad tempered person. ...read more.


Mrs Kay believes the children should be allowed freedom and fun, and to be allowed to go off on their own, like at the zoo for example. 'ooh just leave them, they'll want to stretch their legs and let off a bit of steam.' This suggests its as if she knows what the pupils want, and she is willing to give them it. She isn't strict about letting the pupils go off independently, and seems to have masses of trust in them. Mr Briggs doesn't believe the children can be trusted, mostly because of the fact they haven't been on a school trip before, so they wouldn't really know how to behave, (like he said himself on the coach.) 'You people act like animals! Animals! I've learned that trust is something you people don't know about!' This suggests he cant trust them at all, and doesn't really care whether he insults them by calling them animals, and implying that they are stupid to not understand someone's trust. Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs have a mixed view on whether to trust the children. Mrs Kay for instance, has trust in them, and believes they are good, innocent children. ...read more.


Mr Briggs believes the children need education, instead of having a friend in Mrs Kay, whom they see as a mother to them. 'Most of them were born for factory fodder.' This shows Mr Briggs himself knows that there isn't much for them to do, but he would rather try and make the effort of educating them. I agree with Mrs Kay, because she only wants the best for the pupils, and wants them to have fun. She enjoys being the mother figure, mostly because most the children themselves don't have that at home. Conclusion. The character I like the best, is Mrs Kay. This is because she is fair, yet a fun, friendly person. She only wants the best for the children, and nothing more. She is friends with all the students and has jokes with them, making them feel wanted and loved. She is laidback, and at the least tries to get on with people, for example, Mr Briggs. In my opinion, I think Mrs Kay would be best for the progress class. This is because she understands the hard life for all the pupils, and knows the non - existent future for them all. Yet she still attempts to make them happy and lets them have fun and makes life more enjoyable. ...read more.

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