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Our Day Out

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"In 'Our Day Out' Willy Russell Provides Us With Important Messages Whilst Keeping Us Entertained." Discuss this statement with reference to the characters, events and techniques used in the play. 'Our Day Out' was first made as a television play in 1977. The play was set in Liverpool when a lot of people were living on poverty and working in factories. Shortly after the television play was broadcast, Willy Russell released the new script. In 1978, the stage version was produced and altered to suit the primacies. In the following essay, I am going to write about how the author, Willy Russell, puts across the point of poverty and unemployment onto a play whilst making it entertaining. Firstly, I am going to comment on how Willy uses the children of the play to pursue how the kids of Liverpool were brought up in society. The first point I am going to make is on how the children aren't given the chance to get a good education and on how they are prejudged on because they are in a progress class. Ronnie the driver prejudges them because they aren't in a posh school like he usually works for. A quote to support this point is when he says, 'we usually only do the better schools.' ...read more.


Mr. Briggs thinks the children aren't willing enough to learn, no matter how they are taught. Now I am going to talk about how Willy Russell uses Mrs. Kay to model good and bad points of teachers in the 1970's. Mrs. Kay is good in some ways as she is the one that understands the children and organizes the trip. On the other hand, to get the go ahead for the trip she had to ask a stand in head teacher for permission as she knew she knew she wasn't aloud to take the progress class on anymore trips. This is because on a trip to Derby, the head teacher got a pile of complaints from local residents of the area. Another bad point of Mrs. Kay occurs when she uses her manipulative skills to get the children onto the coach without the driver noticing they had their pockets full of sweets. She also gets the driver, Ronnie, to buy them more sweets by saying,' things like sweets and lemonade have never touched their lips.' I believe she does this because she is angry at Ronnie for judging the children on first impressions. Although there are some bad points about Mrs. Kay, there are some good points used in the film play. ...read more.


Willy Russell uses also uses humor to release the tension of disturbing issues. He does this by using black humor to disguise domestic violence and other issues. For example, when Andrews tells Mr. Briggs his dad beats him if he doesn't give him a cigarette. Willy Russell contrasts using humor and despair to keep the audience entertained. By using humor, it only suggests depressing situations without making the play unbearable. This is a good technique because it keeps the audience entertained. In the stage play, he uses minimalist settings so the audience concentrates on the important messages instead of how pretty the scene is. This also helps as it is easy to change the scenes. This is used to make the pace quicker. Songs and dances are used to entertain the audience but at the same time convey the message of unhappy children. In conclusion to my essay, I believe in watching the film and stage play, the audience can learn how poverty can effect children in the 1970's and how children were treated in society. From watching 'Our Day Out ' I have learnt that modern day people take a good education for granted and that a good education, in the 70's, was needed to get a better job than working in a factory. So, in conclusion to my entire essay I believe Willy Russell provides the audience with important messages whilst keeping them entertained. ...read more.

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