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"Our Day Out" GCSE written coursework: Twentieth century drama

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"Our Day Out" GCSE written coursework: Twentieth century drama In our day out, drama arises from the conflict caused between Mr. Briggs and Mrs. Kay and from Mr. Briggs changeable attitudes towards the pupils from the progress class. Discuss several episodes in the play which demonstrate this to be true. The play is about a class of poor children from the inner city of Liverpool who go on a rare day trip to Wales to visit Conway castle. They also belong to the progress class as the script is set in the early days of comprehensive education. The progress classes very rarely go on trips as in scene 31, page 56 it reads "for some of them it's the first time they've been further then Birkenhead" so therefore they take advantage and run riot. The play mainly revolves around two teachers who go on the trip called Mrs. Kay and Mr. Briggs. They both have extremely different attitudes to teaching as Mrs. Kay is very outgoing and calm. The pupils respect her and are seen having a good time together throughout the trip. The main reason for this is as she has a child centred approach and acts as a mother hen, however Mr. Briggs is the opposite as he is strict and has very high expectations of the children. He takes a grammar school approach and teaches the examination classes so therefore I believe his method could be more effective as he teaches the better educated pupils. Mr. Briggs is instructed to go along on the trip as he and the head teacher both agree she has no sense of control or punishment so therefore the children may cause trouble and run riot. We know this as they see her as a soft touch and believes she is more of a friend than a teacher so the children do not take the teaching seriously. ...read more.


He also trusts them enough to leave them on their own whilst he goes to the zoo caf� with Mrs. Kay and furthermore praises them up to her. We know this because he informed her that they had been very good and seemed really interested in the animals. He was so impressed he also offered to show the kids a collection of slides when they get back to school. This may cause the audience to think it is a break through for Mr. Briggs however he soon changes his views about the kids as well as his positive reception. The audience may find the fact that the two teachers are no longer at war slightly boring as the modern day audience enjoys drama and conflict within scripts. It might also help entice the readers as they maybe aware something shall happen within the later scenes of the play to cause an uproar of conflict between the two teachers as their views about teaching are still very different. Mr. Briggs trust was shortly mistreated after the children were left unsupervised as Ronson was said to have taken a rabbit out of its cage and began to coach it, many children were then said to follow his example and were shortly all holding furry friends. This scene was very brief; I believe the reason for this is because they wanted to leave the readers in suspense however it becomes a little bit clearer in the next scene as it reads "The animal pit is empty. The children have gone". Although this scene is once again short I believe it is very effective. The reason for this is as it leaves it as a bit of a cliff hanger. It also leaves the reader thinking of what they may have done to the animals as the hint could have been perceived in a variety of different ways. ...read more.


He replied to her remark saying "O God". This may show he is scared of what Mr Briggs may say or do. Overall I believe the rules were very poorly enforced, the reason for this may be as they do not respect Mr Briggs enough for him to have authority over them or they may have underestimated the children. We are aware the rules were ineffective as there were children running riot around the castle as well as smoking and being a nuisance. After seeing the chaos caused by the kids Mr Briggs was fuming and therefore confronted Mrs Kay. At the time she was having a conversation with Andrews and Carol however he did not seem to care and ordered them to go. We know this as is scene 31 page 56 it reads "You to...off! Go on move". He seemed to be enraged at this point as he did not even give the children the opportunity to move before bellowing at them. This would be more in order if they would have had refused to leave however they were said to have moved without restraint, I believe the reason they moved so freely is as most of them are scared of him as he is often harsh with his punishments. This sentence also emphasises how inconsiderate and selfish he really is. After the children are forced away Mrs Kay says to him " I was speaking to those kids" This shows she is siding with the kids once again and shows she is against most of his decisions and therefore is the main reason conflict is usually cause between the two teachers. To make it worst he replies "Yes and im, now talking to you, Mrs Kay" I believe he comes over patronising and sounds as if he only cares about himself and what ever he wants he gets. There is no sympathy or apology from him, the reason for this is because I believe he thinks he is always right. Mr Briggs once again snaps back at Mrs Kay telling her what he realy thinks about the kids behaviour ...read more.

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