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Ozymandias - The Great One

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Christina Bothwell 8:1a Tuesday 23rd January 2001 Ozymandias-The Great One The commotion of the wild horses, the torrents of flying sand and the shouts of the livid laborers. This was the ritual of life in the town of Zalahujah. Dust was hovering in the midday air and the sun shone vividly on the hectic Market Square. The folk of Zalahujah were decorating the streets with extravagant banners, brightly coloured garlands and many other wonderous things. Everything was to be perfect for the great and evil emperor Ozymandias. Ozymandias ruled Zalahujah with a rod of iron, his subjects feared his wicked temper and if anyone disobeyed his laws, their sentence...death! The festival was a joyous occasion for young and old people alike. Music, dancing and singing were many passages of the day. Now Ozymandias was ruling Zalahujah, this would be no more. Orders were given to his men and the festival proposed as a formal feast. Many people begrudged with this but dare not argue because of the emperors terrifying attitude. The date was set, 14th August 100BC and all of Zalahujah were to attend. The intense heat of the sun had not reached its peak as the long caravan of weary camels, guards and courtiers trailed through the magnificent arched gateway to the palace. ...read more.


I had not gone but a few yards when I could feel a sharp object pressing against the middle of my back. I stopped and was confronted by a group of the emperors personal guards. "You dare not pay your taxes", whispered a hoarse voice. With this I was hurriedly taken back to the emperors palace and thrown into one of the darkest dungeons. The door slammed shut and the noise of the bolts sliding across echoed out. Silence reigned until the door was unbolted and to my amazement, there stood Ozymandias. His white flowing robes glistened in the torchlight his eyes pierced through the dungeon towards me. "To your feet", screamed a harsh voice, "You are in the presence of the emperor!" I slowly came to my senses and stood nervously before Ozymadias. "Are you above everyone else by not paying your taxes? You know the penalty. Are you an imbecile...? TELL ME!" Quivering with fear, my voice squeaking like a mouse, " I have nothing to give as taxes..." "SILENCE! Everybody pays, no matter what! How are we to get blood out of a stone? What are we to do!?" I dare not reply for fear of my life. ...read more.


At exactly midday, horns sounded and a parade of camels and guards entered the Market Square, closely followed by a pair of camels carrying the mighty emperor, Ozymandias. There were a few short speeches followed by the unveiling of the stone statue. The crowd was in a stunned silence and as I turned to look at the statue, to my horror saw the features had been grotesquely disfigured. The emperors face turned purple with rage as laughter spread throughout the people, getting louder and louder. Without warning, Ozymandias pushed aside the guards, grabbing hold of the nearest weapon and wildly struck out at the statue. Within seconds, the sky blackened and a bellowing voice was heard as the statue was smashed to pieces. "Whoever so defies the curse of Mallonia, great misfortune they will suffer!" A loud clap of thunder echoed over Zalahujah and a bolt of lightning hurled through the sky and struck what remained of my sculpture, blackening every last piece of stone. A sudden calm was restored but on the horizon could be seen the billowing sands being swept up into the sky. Panic ensued. The crowds in total confusion ran this way and that like lost sheep. Slowly the sandstorm approached. Was this to be our fate? Will Zalahujah survive? What will become of Ozymandias and myself? These questions remain unanswered... -Christina Bothwell 8:1a- The next thrilling adventure 'Return to Zalahujah' Word Count-2,168 ...read more.

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