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Paris, Texas

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Paris, Texas I ran and ran, I must have been running for at least an hour. I body came to a sharp halt, breathing heavily and searching for something in the distance, thinking that I could of actually died. I looked around, I saw a tourist information center on the corner of the road, there were signs outside it so I presumed it must have been open. I searched through my pockets ad found two dollars. I went over to the office and asked for a train guide and map. The friendly woman behind the desk reached down and quickly grasped hold of the map and placed it on the desk. She looked around her and told me to hang on. ...read more.


"HONK!" I almost jumped out of my boots. I looked around and a train was leaving the station. I looked at my watch, I'd only been there ten minutes. I went over to the ticket office and placed my map down on the desk. "What can I get for two dollars?" I asked worryingly. "A train ride to there" he said, pointing with his long finger. "There, to Austin, Texas". "Great" I said sharply as I handed over the money in return for the ticket. I snatched it from his hand and was about to head off when I heard, "THERE!" I looked round. "THERES YOUR TRAIN" the man screamed, he was pointing in the direction of this massive steam engine. ...read more.


We didn't move a muscle, we were frozen. I stood up in horror. It was the person I had been running away from, it was my wife, the woman who had just tried to kill me. She grabbed me and I pushed her into the opposite row so I could run. I ran through one of the carriage doors and locked it behind. I was shacking with fear and started to calm down. "SMASH", it was the sound of the glass being smashed behind me and up came a knife around my throat. I could see the reflection of her in the knife and I saw the look in her eyes that I've seen before. I grabbed her arm in a last gasp effort and pulled her through the empty window frame. I held the knife to her throat and I... Michael Poland ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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