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Perkahwinan - The Malay word for marriage.

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Adeline Ng Perkahwinan. The Malay word for marriage. I count myself privileged if I have the opportunity to attend a traditional Malay wedding. Having to fulfil the requirements of a traditional wedding, a lot of preparation needs to be done and the Muslim practices are needed to be followed. Given the broad diversity of ethnic groups from where I live, it stands to reason that wedding customs will reflect this diversity. Each ethnic group has its own wedding dresses or attire and different marriage ceremonies and customs. Filled with enthusiasm, I settled myself with all my close family members in the groom's house. Everyone was as eager as I was waiting anxiously for "akad nikah" to happen. I'm dressed in my newly made "baju kurung" which was silky purple and had these little cute flower prints on them. The house, decorated with all different coloured neon lights with little decorations and streamers hanging onto it and the dais decorated with fancy balloons and banners, just stood out among all the other houses in the neighbourhood. ...read more.


"Malam berpacar" is the night where the couple will sit on a dais while the family members come up one by one to place henna on their fingers and palms. I did mine with little flowers on them but mum didn't really like the idea. On the actual wedding day, "Hari Persandingan", I woke up extra early and got myself ready an hour earlier than the rest of my family. My dad, sick of my constant pleading to go a bit earlier to the wedding gave me a long lecture on how I was suppose to behave in front of important guest. I did not care about what he said as I was too excited about everything. Soon after, we left. Mum looked extremely beautiful with her "baju Melayu" which was light blue in colour and everyone in the family wore similar coloured attired. After what seemed like forever, we finally arrived. Many guests arrived much earlier than we did. ...read more.


The atmosphere grew even more intense as more guests continue coming. I found myself not aware of what was happening around me. When the bride and groom came out of the house to greet guests, I was blocked by all these taller people. In the Malay tradition, "the more the merrier" is the reason why they have to invite all of their friends to this ceremony. I got shoved far behind as the other guests brought themselves forward to meet the bride and the groom. I couldn't believe what was happening, all I wanted to do at that moment was to cry. I stood behind, upset and not knowing what to do when I heard two young women talking somewhere behind me. I brought myself a little closer so that I could hear what they were saying. I couldn't believe my ears as one of them said "perempuan atu bida sekali! Tengok. Tengok mukanya! Her make-up is so thick she looks like some china-doll!" I found myself dumbfounded, not knowing how to react. ...read more.

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