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Personal and Imaginative Story

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Personal and Imaginative Story I heard a noise, but at first I didn't think anything of it. Then I heard another noise, this time it was louder and it caught my attention. Instantly, I awoke and sat up in my bed, I was scared; I didn't know what that noise could be. I then heard noises of cupboard opening and became curious to what or who was making these noises. Immediately I reached for my dressing gown, which was laying on my dresser and put it on as quitely and discretely as possible, trying not to disturb what was going on down stairs. Suddenly I heard a glass smash. I thought to my self that whoever was in my house is now in the kitchen and searching though my cupboards. What are they looking for? What's going to happen? Am I going to get hurt? This question kept repeating in my head over and over. I knew what I had to do.... my curiosity had taken the best of me, I had to go down stairs no matter what. Now I was at the top of my stairs and I knew I had to go down them quietly, one by one. I could hardly hold on to the railing because my hands were shaking so badly. ...read more.


I didn't know what to say I was so scared and I could feel his Big, ruff hands around my neck holding on to me tightly. A small stuttered voice came out of my mouth and said "u......up....stairs" He shouted back "LOOK....YOU SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!..........OK? AND YOU WILL NOT GET HURT!!!!!!!.........UNDERSTAND??" The man pushed me into the corner of the living room. I could see that he was worried and scared. I don't think that he realised somebody was in the house. He was panicking. He kept on walking from one side of the room to another and mumbling something to himself. I sat in the corner, scared my heart was racing, my body sweating and I couldn't stop shaking. All I could do was watch him walking up and down from side to side thinking what was he going to do next? What's going to happen to me? The man spoke, he had a very distinctive tone to his voice he sounded Scottish. I looked up at the mans dark and shadowed face and realised that he had along scar from his eye to the corner of his mouth. I was now very afraid wondering and watching him carefully to see what he was going to do next. ...read more.


He went over to his coat and pulled something out, I couldn't see what it was though because of the light. But then he came back to me quickly and he said to me "I WARNED YOU ABOUT THIS." I looked at him knowing he was going to hurt me or even kill me. I was now panicking. I screamed back "please don't hurt me!" I pleaded with him, "please........don't! I know you don't really want to do this do you?" He replied, "You have left me no choice" He slowly moved his hand to the back of him. I could see as clear as rain what he had in his hand. It was a knife, a big sharp knife. I was terrified. I was trying to break free, I kept wriggling and hitting him but it seemed to make absolutely no difference at all,I gave up, he then moved the knife quickly towards me and pushed the blade into my stomach and pulled it out again. He then took 2 spaces back and watched me bleed. I grabbed my stomach looked at my hand it was covered in bright red blood, my blood I was panicking and crying the pain was unbearable, and all I could see was his deep brown eyes, which seemed to tunnel on forever. From where I was standing he looked like the devil himself. Laura Johnston 12PG ...read more.

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