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Tom Mooney GCSE English Non-fiction Writing Looking back November 24th 2006, five of us singing happy birthday and playing, jokes told, secrets hold and will forever stay. The night was great, full of action and drama but the morning was quiet and we decided to go play in the dark weary forest where an abandoned rope swing hung 20ft above a great muddy ditch full of debris and rubble. Our adrenalin was whizzing and our hearts beating but we still went on it risking our lives for fun, we took it in turns and enjoyed hours of thrill and adventure. It was starting to get cold and dark so we decided it would be a good Idea to go home. but, as usual I wanted one last go to finish the day, I grabbed the swinging branch and clutched it in my hands, took a few steps back and then leaped forward ...read more.


I slowly crawled onto my feet and up the rocky side of the ditch, I felt faint so ambled towards the entrance of the forest where I was met by a woman with my other friends. She helped me to her house where she gently cleaned the dry and still dripping blood from my face, which showed the damage it had caused. I remember looking into a mirror and not recognising myself from the bloody, broken face which appeared. My nose crushed, tooth sticking through my lip and cheeks swollen, I never thought I would look normal again. I sat down holding a cloth stopping the blood falling on the chairs, I felt tired and my eyes were closing. I woke up on the back seat of my mum's car, having no idea how or when I got there, I sat up and saw that she took me to hospital. ...read more.


The incredible amount of pain and adrenalin put me into a panic attack frenzy which made the situation even worse, after I stopped shaking and hyperventilating they made a new decision to help my crippled face. After all the pain and frustration the new idea was the best thing I had ever heard. Just a simple plastic shield which gradually slotted my tooth back into shape which made me happier than on Christmas day. This dramatic day I had must have been the most educational day I have ever had as knowing it would take years for it to be back to normal I learnt my lesson in danger and how to stay safer. But the main thing I have learnt from this whole event is that always think twice about the risk I am putting myself in as I was lucky to live through this one. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tom Mooney English ...read more.

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