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Pichinski the Drug Buster

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Pichinski the Drug Buster Mick Pichinski struggled with the leaver to open the window of the old BMW, to get rid of the cigarette smoke from his Detective Sergeant sat in the passenger seat. As the Window came down the cigar smoke quickly escaped into the frosty night like an old locomotive emerging through a tunnel. "What time is it?" muttered the Detective Sergeant Phil Hunter like a veritable mountain of a man. " 1.30 as he placed a chewing gum into his mouth". "What time does the shipment arriving then Sir?" "8.30 tonight" Replied Mick. " What time are we working in the club ". "? 6.30 tonight but remember Phil..." Then Mick stopped talking like he didn't want Phil to no that he knew about something he didn't. Then Mick started loading a camera. "I am head of security and you are a security officer so keep you eyes out for the boss and what he says to the dealers in the club Phil ". "Okay Sir doesn't forget the drugs are in the back room". "How did you know that because I didn't and I am the chief officer here"? ...read more.


Then after two years on the beat joined the vice squad so I have probably see all the gruesome sights a copper can see. Being in CID I'm a very quick thinker and can see through people easily villains and colleagues alike. I will not take any rubbish from you or any of your colleagues but I will give praise where it's due. I am married with two children with one already wanting to join the force". "Sounds goods Sir but you have got bushy eyebrows and are always dressed like a businessman making millions". "Thanks but no need to take the Michael" said Mick". "You've been after these drug dealers before haven't you Sir? " Yes they shot my father when I was a DC and my father was a DI and I've been after them ever since. The last time we where after them the National Crime Squad and Drugs Squad where involved it was a big operation but them switched locations for the shipment at the last minute. We believe they were a mole leaking information to them who was a police officer. ...read more.


Mick replied Go Go Go. The drugs raid was completed successfully and all suspects caught, just got to catch the police mole. "Right then Phil how long you been a drug pusher and since when have you been giving information to your partners in crime. I am happy to say all you associates are in custody and face 10 year each. And for the record you're under arrest". Suddenly Phil pulled out a gun "if you don't find me you can't change me". "True but we have all the evidence we need and the last three hour in this car have been recorded. Give it up you're times up, the line ends here so put the gun down". Then out of nowhere a swot team of armed offices appeared. "Out of the car and spread out on the floor" someone shouted. Phil new what was best and promptly did exactly what the offices said. Wouldn't you? As Phil was on the floor Mick looked down with a smile and said "drug pushers like you I eat then for breakfast" He was quickly arrested and watched dealers being bought out of the club. "Nice result" shouted Mick as the operation ended successfully and could already smell his next promotion. Robbie Higginson GCSE English 07/05/07 ...read more.

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