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Picture perfect

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Picture perfect Life in its very essence belongs to us all. It can be turned upseide down; riding the tides of emotion, or be as still as the mist which cradles the shoreline on early winter morings. It casts veils of doubt, or visions of glory, touches our hearts, our souls, out inner most being, which onward strives until our last breath expires. Near our home, there is a beach beyond the outer pier which has work sea-battered breakwaters, high enough to sheild behind when the gusting wind has a sharp bite. All the beaches have a vague similarity, or is it my familiarity having spent most of my childhood days absorbed in playing, exploring and combing for flotsam n jetsam. Whenever time stood still it was here. It was on one such happy spring day, a day full of hope, a day where the eyes of love sees sunshine through rain. The day we met. Since early childhood Dave and I had shared many playful days on these shores. He is my best friend and I cherish him dearly. That day though was diferent. There was a sense of maturity. We didn't have the urge to build sand castles. Instead, our emotions were stirred; mine into thoughts unknown before. I found myself staring, staring into his deep blue eyes, confused yet wildly excited. A strange but wonderfully comfortable feeling which sent my heart a flutter swept over me, I was in love. My day dreaming was suddenly interrupted when Dave, with his masculine hands, carressed my shoulders and gently stroked the palms of my upturned hands and said, "I need to talk to you about something." ...read more.


I tried so hard to block out the love I felt for him, but it was useless. It has been many weeks since Dave shared his devastaing news. We have watched the spring tides heave and sigh while sat on the shores' scattered rocks, surrounded with seaweed. We dabbled in pools and shared easter eggs in 'our cave'. Now the warm summer sun, gentle and soothing allows the feeling of security, however false, sweep over us, as I notice a faint bronzing of Daves' thining body when we swim in the fresh water at our special place. A magical weekend. I woke early this moring. The summer dawns are bright and cheery. A ray of warm sun peeped through my curtains caressing the picture of Dave and I on the beach. I looked away from the image and sighed. That afternoon I went to visit Dave. When I arrived at the door his mum looked tired, warn out. "Hi, erm...is Dave home?" I said quietly. "Hello Beth, Dave is not up to seeing visitors today," I looked down to the grey, rough step. My hopes seeping away from my heart down and out my toes. An interuption in the background disturbed my empty thought as Dave called to let me through. His mum glanced at me in horror, "He isn't well Beth." I nodded and wispered. "Don't worry." I walked into the house and closed the door. I didn't know what to expect but I knew I wanted to bring some hapiness into his life. ...read more.


I took a deep breath, looked into his tired eyes, "I love you Dave, I always have and always will. You are the perfect reflection, my life." His breath was quieter now, his eyes were shutting closed. He opened his eyes and looked at my lips, with his last effort of strength he lifted his hand and touched them. "Shh shh, I know Beth there is no need to worry" Our eyes were locked upon each other. My heart was beating faster as his was beating slower. His eyes turned warm and happy. "I love you so much Beth, I will never forget the love that we have shared and the good times we have shared together" He closed his eyes and became still, my tears fell on his pillow. "No No i cried" His mum was at my side, her voice like somebody in fear of drowning. a sound so full of despair as she collapsed in a heap over his resting body. Stunned I looked at her weak body, she was so white. I swallowed the hugh lump in my throat and put my arms around her and rocked her to and fro. Before I left the room i turned my head, wiped the teras from my eyes and whispered "Good Bye" The autumn walks were lonely and as the star stunned skies turned to wild winter clouds and the snow capped hills shone like diamonds, my emotions were calming down, as the sea calms after a storm. The water still heaves and can make you seasick but the dangerous waves no longer crash. Besides I have a promise to keep! ...read more.

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