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Pip's monologue. Cold. Lonely. Scared. The three words that sums up how Im feeling right now

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Oral Examination ? Pip Monologue ________________ Cold. Lonely. Scared. The three words that sums up how I?m feeling right now. I?ve never really been so close to death as I was earlier on today, and hope I never do again. I only decided this morning to visit my deceased parents and brothers, not knowing that this visit to the graveyard would be any different to usual visits. I have always tried to visit the graveyard as much as possible, partly to see my parents and brothers but mostly to get away from my sister, Mrs Joe Gargery. Ever since I can remember my sister has cared for me, when she did decide to bring me up, she had only just married Joe, the town?s blacksmith. At first she took very good care of me but then things started to change. If I did the slightest of things to displease her, she would beat me. I try to stay out of her way now, at the graveyard, that way I can?t do anything wrong. ...read more.


No longer being able to touch the floor, I felt his large grubby hands grab hold of my cheeks squashing them against my teeth. I didn?t recognise the man from anywhere but then again he had no hat, broken shoes, and an old rag tied round his head. He looked like he had just finished a long hard journey through the countryside as he was soaked in water, smothered in mud, torn by briars and he was limping around shivering, glaring at me. His teeth were chattering. He was cold. I thought there and then he was going to kill me, I pleaded best I could, but it was very difficult as my cheeks where being pressed against my teeth, which meant every time I tried to speak I ended up biting chunks out of my chubby cheeks. After my plea for dear life he asked me my name, I had to repeat it a number of times as my nerves were getting the better of my speech. ...read more.


He looked down his leg then back up at me he did this a couple of times before taking me by both arms, and tilting me back, as far as he could hold me. He must have been trying to terrify me because that is defiantly the effect I was getting. "Now lookee here," he told me, "the question being whether you're to be let to live. You know what a file is?" I replyed "Yes, sir." "And you know what wittles is?" "Yes, sir.? After each question he tilted me further and further. He told me I had to get him a file and some wittles by morning or he will have my heart and liver, he then told me he was not alone... He watched me at first, leaving the graveyard before making his way over the old stone wall. He was hugging his undersized body, clutching the rags of cloth, pressing them against himself. Still limping he made his way to the church wall; he fell down against it. That?s when he looked just as helpless, just as lonely as me. I?m realising now that he isn?t that much different from me... ________________ By Imogen DoylePage ...read more.

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