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poetry essay

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Poetry essay In my essay, I am going to write about the language, structure and content of six poems to show how the writers use a variety of techniques to express their feelings and ideas about their cultures. The two poems I will write about in detail are half caste and presents from my aunts in Pakistan. The two poems I will write about in less detail are search for my tongue and not my business. The two poems I will mention are unrelated incidents and hurricane hits England. First, I will write about the content of the poems. The first poem I will be analysing is half caste. Half caste is a derogatory term meaning mixed race and it has a bad meaning. In the poem John Agard describes the different meanings the term half-caste can have. This is when he says that "just because I'm mixed race does it mean I'm half a person. This suggests that he doesn't really know the meaning of half caste. He says "England weather nearly always half caste in fact some o dem cloud half caste till dem overcast so spiteful dem don't want de sun pass". He says this because sometimes the English weather is cloudy and sometimes it is warm and sunny. This is because the English weather is mixed and not very reliable. Picasso is a famous artist. Tchaikovsky is a pianist. Agard mentions them because if Picasso mixes red and green it is a half caste canvas and if Tchaikovsky mixes a black key with a white key it is a half caste symphony. ...read more.


A yam is a type of food. The poet refers to them as 'they' which makes them seem a large group of people. They beat him and then take him away in the jeep. The fifth poem is unrelated incidents which is spoken by a BBC newsreader. He explains why the BBC thinks it is important to read the news in a BBC accent. The poet is rebelling against the English language. The poet also stresses on the use of the local accent. He thinks that his way of speaking is right and how others speak is wrong because he makes use of the word "scruff". The effect that hearing the news read In a BBC accent have on the poet is that he gets angry because they speak posh and he feels no one speaks like him. He says that he is proud about his culture because the text is written in a scottish accent. In contrast, hurricane hits England is about a women from the carribean being freed by the hurricane in uk. Next, I will then write about the language techiques used by the poet to show his ideas and feelings about his culture and identity. The language techniques used in half caste is that throughout the poem, Agard uses repitition. One phrase that is repeated several times is "explain yuself". This shows that he doesn't understand the word half caste and he wants an explanation. Agard uses a strong carribean dialect this relates to which social class he belongs to. ...read more.


In half caste, the poem is sructred in five stanzas with short lines to show that Agard is angry. This is because he wants to show he is a mixed race person. The tone in each stazna is ironic. The tone changes throughout the poem. He also uses caribbean dialect which makes us realise that he is a mixed race person. The use of phonetic writing is very effective as it is written in a system that uses a unique symbol to represent each sound of the language or dialect. Meanwhile, the poem presents from my aunts in Pakistan is written in free verse which means it has no rhyme. The words are arranged loosely across the page. It is divided into stanzas of changing length. However, the poem not my business is structured into 4 stanzas. Which is laid out in a much fractured way, with no organised pattern to the lines. This unusual layout represents the "fractured" identity of the narrator, who doesn't know where she is from. There is also lots of stop/start punctuation in the poem. There are a lot of dashes as well as commas and full stops. This stop/start feel created by the punctuation adds to the uncertainly the poet feels about her identity. Each verse has an indented chorus. The poem search for my tongue has 7 lines of Gujarati in the middle of the peom translated into English. Unrelated incidents is carefully written in a phonetic version of Scottish accent. However, the poem hurricane hits England is structured in an irregular shape which represents the hurricane. Nazey kurt 11v ...read more.

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