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Polanski's film version of 'Macbeth' is a very effective interpretation of the play.

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Polanski's Macbeth Polanski's film version of 'Macbeth' is a very effective interpretation of the play. Every detail that Polanski includes is significant but also has an implication behind it. By referring closely to every detail of Polanski's film version of Act1 Scene 1 we could interpret what this scene is like, but not only that, we can interpret what the content of the play will be like. From the beginning of the play we are feeling a sense of curiosity and confusion as to what is happening. The scene is unique and remarkable, which makes Polanski's image of 'Macbeth' both intriguing and creative. Upon watching 'Macbeth' the first event that is noticed is the sunrise. This is unforeseen. A sunrise is a beautiful image, but it doesn't quite fit into the play 'Macbeth' as the play is full of darkness and evil. The sunrise displays many different spectrums of colours which all have a representation and a purpose for being used. The first colour we notice is pink, which epitomizes a time of prosperity under king Duncan. We are aware that king Duncan was a generous and prosperous king. ...read more.


The camera is up close to the witches, which portrays their closeness to each other. Their deformities lead us to ask the question, 'Are these human?' just as Banquo has wondered. (1.3.45) "You should be women,/ And yet your beards forbid me to interpret/ That you are so.' Banquo does not know what they are. The first words they chant are, "Fair is foul and foul is fair". The witches talk in paradox, which confuses us. The words introduce the idea of illusion and reality, again bringing back the idea of deceiving appearances. The reality is being deceiving because when they talk we are confused. This confusion makes us think the witches do not know what they are talking about, but they do, so this is an illusion they are portraying. They talk in rhymes, which is unusual but this tells us they are not part of society. This makes us aware of who they are. We feel as if we have walked in on something eerie which leads us to be confused. Being up close Polanski lets us hear the witches coughing and spluttering which makes us have a feeling of disease and repulsion. ...read more.


As they move away mist envelops them. The mist and darkening sky shows that the idea of bad weather, in Shakespeare's time, is evil and foretells misfortune. It also shows that the witches can control the weather because at the beginning the weather was bright, calm and tranquil and now the mist adds mystery to the scene. Unexpectedly the word 'Macbeth' appears in heavy, bold and black writing at the very end of the scene. This abrupt appearance of the name creates a dramatic anxiety and we are left waiting for the action of the play to begin. The appearance of the word 'Macbeth' also leads us to believe that Macbeth is to be the victim of the witches' evil deeds. He will be lured into something evil and unnatural. We know now 'Macbeth' is the main character so now we are eager to find out more about him. In conclusion Polanski's image of Act 1 Scene 1 of 'Macbeth' is very effective. Through the use of sounds, setting and props we can relate to what the play is about. Polanski's image of the witches shows us immediately they are not part of natural order. Polanski makes the play remarkable and easily understandable. Polanski's image is both compelling and creative which makes his interpretation so effective. ...read more.

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