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Political views in An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls Priestley's Political views in "An Inspector Calls" It is made clear in this essay that Priestley uses the play to promote socialism, as the play revolves around society, as each person has their own link to the death of Eva Smith, and so the blame is shared. Priestley also presents the idea of capitalism, through the voice of Mr. Birling, but is soon made a fool of as he states ridiculous things which have already been determined, such the defining the Titanic as "unsinkable". ...read more.


The juxtaposition between the Inspector and Mr. Birling is also stated, and it emphasises the fact that their views constantly oppose each other, and Priestley uses this as a dramatic device. This essay really emphasises on the dramatic devices that Priestley uses to convey his various views, and is really effective, as it enables the audience to understand the nature of the play in an easier manner, and is more appealing. The quotes used are very helpful in undermining the specific point applied to the statement, and it provides evidence for the event occurring. ...read more.


He also adds tension by using a consistent amount of repetition, and this is done by the Inspector constantly reminding the Birling's about various facts and repeats many statements numerous times. There is also a lot of description dedicated to the different social classes at the time, and this provides a clear image of how these different people differed in wealth. The conclusion in the end summarises the play as a whole, and describes all the different aspects of it, from the play being a murder mystery to the different political views at the time. ...read more.

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