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Power of Three.

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Power of Three Once upon a time there were three sisters, Pru, Piper and Phoebe who have inherited powers of witchcraft from their grandmother. Their grandmother didn't let them use their powers until they were sixteen because she wanted to protect them from being killed by people. That way no one would find out who they really are. When they got their powers back at 16 they were learning how to use them. When they were about 20 they were able to use them properly. Now they can save the world from all different kinds of monsters and bad witches that kill people. One day Pru and Piper went over to the airport to meet Phoebe from her holiday. When suddenly a man comes up to Phoebe and grubs her and tells her that he needs her help and her sisters' too. When her sisters see a man grubbing Phoebe they quickly run to help Phoebe but as soon as they get closer he runs away. They forget all about this weird incident the next morning. When Phoebe gets up she finds herself alone in the house. Pru was at work and Piper at her next-door neighbour, Dan, they're dating. ...read more.


As they were walking away Cupid tells Phoebe that she has a closed heart and when love comes she doesn't let it in. When Cupid finally realised that he needs his ring to get back to where he came from he asks for help from the witches. "How are you going to get back to your home?" asks Piper "Well, Phoebe will cast a spell to help me." he said " Why me?!" she asked "Because Pru and Piper have dates for tonight and you don't!" "Hey, how do you know? ...Never mind" said Piper When Pru and Piper went out and Phoebe was left to make a potion, she and Cupid started talking, they found out they had a lot in common. Phoebe starts falling for Cupid. "Are you falling for me?" he asked "Of course not, oh yeah!" she answered sarcastically "See you're doing it now" "Doing what?" she said pretending not to understand what he meant "Turning away from love" "No, I'm not" "okay" Cupid thought "It's no use, that girl is stubborn!" At that moment he got hurt inside again. ...read more.


She said all they wanted and didn't want to hear to make them want to be together again. At the same time this was happening, Drowsy was going to their house to kill Cupid. When they were all happy together and were talking and everything Drowsy came back from behind and tried to strangle Cupid. When Piper saw this she freezed everybody and then she asked Pru and Phoebe what were they going to do and how are they going to vanquish him. " Well, first what we have to do is take the ring of Drowsy and put it on Cupid, opposite of what we did last time and then Piper you unfreeze them and only them, so Dan and Jack won't see anything and then we say the spell again. This time the ring will protect Cupid and not Drowsy so we will vanquish him, okay?" Phoebe asked "Yeah" they said So Piper unfreezes Cupid and Drowsy and then they all together say the spell and Drowsy disappears which means they got rid of him. The next day Cupid goes away and for them it was going to be just another normal day at work or at home. But it's not the end of their adventures, there will be lots more to come!!! THE END ...read more.

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