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Pre 1914 prose - Great expectations

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Pre 1914 prose - Great expectations Pip is a young boy when he meets a convict in the marsh lands by his house, he steals food and a file to help the convict, who then disappears. But as Pips sister and her husband Joe realise the food is gone, soldiers go looking for the convict and later find him fighting with another escaped convict and they both end up getting put back into prison. Pip is asked to go and play at a large house called Satis House and when he does so he meets its inhabitant, a strange lady called Miss Haversham. Previously in her life, she was jilted at the altar which tainted her whole life turning her into a bitter old lady. Estella also lives at the House, she is around pips age and is exceedingly beautiful. Pip carries on visiting Satis house because he is in love with Estella, but whilst doing so he begins to believe that he can do better in life than carrying on with the family trade and being a blacksmith. Pip attends a poorly run night class where he meets Biddy, a bright girl of similar age to himself. ...read more.


She is very confident and knows that she is beautiful. Visiting Satis House represents a turning point and a very significant point in Pip's life. It is 'a memorable day' and it's where Pip begins to question his life and his dreams in life. Pip begins to think that he can do better than his family and turns his back on them and eventually looses everything. This is when Pips moral decline begins. In the novel as a whole, Satis House represents wealth and society, it shows the reader how society and social classes were driven and motivated by wealth. Miss Haversham represents fake values. 'Sham' also means fake, this is a way Dickens could wind how fake she was into the story. Both her and her home had decayed and become like a shell, this shows what happens when you allow yourself to value money above the more important things in life like people and morals. Satis House shows how money can corrupt people, their lives and their future, Miss Haversham and Estella portray this very well. By using Miss Haversham and Estella, Dickens is able to put across the fact that along with money, comes responsibility, which is something he felt very strongly about, because of what happened to him earlier in his life. ...read more.


However he falls ill I think this is a reflection of the 'illness' of society at that time, he is nursed back to health by Biddy. Pip has to learn what true friendship and honestly mean in comparison to money and other false values to which he has become accustomed. Once he is happy with who he is on the inside, he can be truly happy, 'my humble thanks for all you have done for me and all I have so ill repaid.' He returns to the marshland to accept his background instead of thinking he can rise above it. He learns that being a 'true gentleman' takes more than just money. This connects to how Dickens felt at the time, he thought that everyone and everything was far too money orientated and that there was more to life than how much people had in the bank. People at the time thought that as long as you had money you would be happy, however this isn't the case as Dickens knows from experiencing both well off life and poor life. I think he manages to illustrate this very well in the novel, it shows that money isn't everything, and it certainly doesn't buy happiness. ?? ?? ?? ?? Elena Cardnell Great Expectations ...read more.

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