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Pride And Prejudice

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Lauren Slyman Pride and Prejudice We were placed in groups within our class and we had to speak about the marriage we wanted to. The marriage I chose to talk about was between Charlotte Lucas and Mr. Collins. Elizabeth Bennet was Charlotte's best friend and this is how we know her in the novel. I said that the couple had not got married for love, but instead Charlotte needed money and Mr. Collins wanted a wife and that was the only reason they were together. ...read more.


I said that Charlotte was a very sensible woman as she was in her late twenties and still had no husband. Although I believe it was sad that she had to marry someone she didn't love, I can see how she had to do it in order to have someone who cared for her and also someone who had money to offer her. I said her best friend did not agree as she was not as sensible about marriage as Charlotte was. She thought marriage had to be based on love and that the people who were to be married had to love one another. ...read more.


I noticed how Charlotte would organise her days so she wasn't with her husband. I said that Elizabeth also noticed this when she went to their house. When Mr Collins started talk to talk to them Charlotte ushered her into her room. This is a piece of evidence that shows they went not a good couple. I said I knew they weren't in the most perfect relationship because of all the points above. I also commented on how this marriage could be compared with Mr and Mrs. Bennet as they were married but lived separate lives with Mr. Bennet in his library and Mrs. Bennet fussing over her daughters. ...read more.

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