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Pride and Prejudice - Discuss the theme of marriage

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Jonathan Morgan 11p 10/10/2000 Pride and Prejudice Discuss the theme of marriage Pride and prejudice opens with one of the most famous lines in English literature: "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in need of a wife". The novel begins by the ambitious Mrs Bennet to find a husband, or at least a husband with good fortune, for each of her five daughters. Whenever Charles Bingley visits the village, Bingley and his friend Darcy heightens Mrs Bennet's hopes. Jane falls in love with Bingley, but his snobbish sisters and Darcy effect the separation of the pair, leaving Jane lonely. Darcy, though attracted to Elizabeth, is aware of how common the Bennets are compared to himself. Whenever Darcy overcomes his pride and proposes marriage, Elizabeth rejects him because of his attitude and his ill treatment towards a redcoat called Wickham, who has made friends with the Bennets. However, Wickham's true nature is exposed when the couple elopes to Gretna Green, with Lydia. ...read more.


Charlotte also said " It is better to know as little as possible of the defects on the person whom you are to pass your life". Charlotte only married Mr Collins for his money and for a stable relationship. Lydia and George Wickham don't think of the consequences before they secretly run off together and the Bennets are going to get an even worse name than what they all ready have. You can tell this is going to be a bad match in marriage. Lydia and Wickham both elope to Greta Green in Scotland to secretly get married to each other; Lydia is all excited because her surname, Bennet is going to change to Wickham. Lydia's view on marriage is she likes the redcoats and she would do anything to marry a redcoat. So Lydia wants to marry for sexual pleasure. Lydia is also a flirt, and will flirt with anyone especially any of the redcoats. Mr and Mrs Gardiner are very wise and have a lot of practical sense because Mrs Gardiner invited Elizabeth to come and stay with her so Elizabeth could be introduced to Darcy. ...read more.


" I am no longer surprised at you only knowing six women. I would rather wonder now at you knowing any". Darcy and Elizabeth have both changed after the second proposal; they finally realised that they both love each other. Elizabeth realizes she made a mistake by being prejudice towards against Darcy; now Elizabeth feels ashamed of what she has done. Elizabeth elaborates and says Darcy is " gentleman like". Darcy now realized what a mistake he has made by being nasty and selfish towards his future wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth is like her sister Jane, she thinks well of everyone until she looses Darcy. All of the Bennet girls got married apart from Kitty and Mary. Elizabeth judges Darcy and didn't give him a fair chance to explain himself about his past with Wickham; because of this Elizabeth acts upon this and takes Wickham's side and turns prejudice towards Darcy. Whenever Elizabeth comes to her senses she realizes what she has done and decides to forgive Darcy for not telling her about his past with Wickham. Eventually they both forgive each other and decide to get married. ...read more.

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