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Prisoner. Ive just been placed with Derrick my new cellmate, the old fools fifty, twice my age;

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Prisoner At least the sun's shining on this old decrepit prison. I can't understand why they've put me in this remote room, alone. I've just arrived. From the 1st of December until my last breath, you would expect to be greeted with open arms, wouldn't you? It's not like she didn't deserve it... Meeting our new friends will be as amusing as reading - I can't think of anything worse. I'd rather listen to her baby wail, scream and shriek again. I sometimes wonder what happened to that baby, watching its mum suffer. Time is valuable, so I won't waste it with those 'freaks', they're all the same - worthless vermin. Well they'll see, I have got it all planned out. Dear Jason, It's hell here. I feel like Satan's minion, sweeping, scrubbing, and sweating in this 'hell-hole'. ...read more.


That's the other problem, I can't trust anyone - I will need to eventually though. 'Bro', when you next visit Mum's grave can you leave a bunch of roses from me; she always cherished the aroma they produced: even though I still hate them. Do you know she's the only thing that's keeping me going? If only she hadn't taken that job as 'her' assistant none of this would have happened. Mum didn't deserve so much pressure, she was only the 'messenger' doing as she were told, without a wink of sleep in over two weeks a car accident was inevitable. But I have no remorse for what I did to 'June', revenge is sweet. Jake I am gazing through the confined window; the icy steel bars obstruct my route from death. ...read more.


Thankfully, I'm fearless, this time I will get away, we will be free 'Jimmy.' We could go, now? Just leave Derrick; he's someone we can't trust anyway. We should desert him; he would soak up all the blame. Droplets of blood were dripping on the floor; my hands sore and weeping from pounding powerful punches like a boxer at the gapping hole in the corner of the cell - I only had to make it half a foot wider whilst being quiet as possible. A seed of adrenaline sprouted inside me, the round circle in the wall had subsided. It was time. Psyching myself was easy, I knew what had to be done. 'ESCAPEE, AN ESCAPEY!' I turn around horrified, standing still paralyzed. Derrick? 'No it can't be, y-you set me up?!' Glaring him straight in the face - I had no choice... Charlie Barden 728 words ...read more.

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