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Proctors faults and his traits that effect the narrative of the Play

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Crucible Essay How does Miller's characterisation of John Proctor add to the drama and tragedy of The Crucible? In a new puritan town of Salem-1692, a group of girls are caught dancing in darkness, accused of witchcraft and treachery they sculpt and mislead the town to anarchy in attempt to escape the consequences. The Crucible, a play by Arthur Miller, written during the McCarthy era of 1950, it parallels the time in which the play was set and in which it was written. John Proctor, it's main but flawed character adds to the play dramatic element and it's tragic outline, the question of why Miller picked to centre his play upon Proctor rather Corey or Nurse, who endure the similar fate, is complex and layered. The destined reality of the play is the ending at when the characters of Proctor, Corey and Nurse are hanged with the charge of consorting with the devil. The Crucible deals with many struggles faced by the common men and women in the 1950's manly the "witch trials" executed by Senator Joseph McCarthy to remove any communist spies and the remain true to the "American Dream". ...read more.


All these events add to the play drama and tragedy as they create tension. Beginning Act3, in Proctor's house, he walks in and tastes the pot- not quite right. Elizabeth is singing delightfully to their children upstairs. The tension is clear as they sit down for dinner. Proctor tell Elizabeth that he means to please her buy buying more land and is trying to encourage a response as he still feels guilty about the affair. The air is suffocated as they try to communicate but it's apparent that neither have forgotten the affair. Proctor the emphasis that Elizabeth's "Justice would freeze beer", Beer being something that Proctor would find enjoyable, and Elizabeth is forgetful to his pleasures- food, flowers and cider. Maybe she thinks he has had all his fun. Proctor's positives are evident in his reaction to other characters in the play, one way he had shown this was when at court with Corey and Nurse, he was told "Elizabeth is safe, take your leave"-Proctor answers "I cannot leave my friends". He has self confidence and beliefs and these portray Proctor as a likable character and therefore adding to the drama and tragedy when he ultimately dies. ...read more.


In America the law was that if you didn't support the American cause in full then also by default you were a communist. Miller has used many other clever devices to link the to eras together, unfortunately landing him in mire trouble with the American Government. In the final Act a signature is required, Proctor's life shall spared but his name shall not. His feelings are made clear when he tears the paper and says " Its my name, because I cannot have another in my life" and with this he takes his final stand against Hawthorne's moral but unjustified reasoning. The plays final dramatic element is Proctor's death. The hanging happens in elision, though we know when the drop occurs as there is a drum roll that gradually heightens (stage direction). The only characters left on stage are Hale and Elizabeth, they are critical as the provide us with two conflicting views, Elizabeth's " he have his goodness know". It accords to Proctors own views. Hale's " What profits him to bleed? Shall the dust praise him? Shall the worms declare him truth?" The two conflicting views have their validity. Miller here is not making it easy for the audience to decide which prospective is right. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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