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Prose study: Great expectations

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Prose study: Great expectations In "Great Expectation" Charles Dickens represents his characters in the detailed settings he places them in. Choose two characters and analyse Dickens portrayal of them through the settings they occupy. Introduction In this essay I am going to analyse the 2 key chapters of the novel chapter 1 and chapter 8.I am also going to compare how Magwitch and Miss Havisham haunt the settings they occupy. A description of the plot of great expectations Great expectations is about a boy called Pip who meets an escaped convict called Magwitch who he treats kindly and helps him even thought he was terrified of him. He had been brought up by his mean sister and her friendly husband called Joe. Pip then meets this strange women called Miss Havisham an old women who has given up on life after being left at the alter. Miss Havisham had brought up a girl named Estella to revenge her own pain so pip fell in love with her and she is made to break his heart. Pip then came in to some mysterious money from an unknown person and was being sent to London with the lawyer names Jaggers. ...read more.


This relates to chapter one because of the iron bars and description of this being barred and boarded up which is like Magwitch the criminal in jail. At the side of the house there was a large brewery, it was a very lonely place that hadn't seemed to have been used in a long time. There is a lot of irony used in the names of Miss Havishams house it is called the Satis house which means anyone who had the house could want nothing else and they were satisfied this is ironic because Miss Havisham is the opposite to this. Miss Havishams room was pretty large was well lighted by wax candles and there was no glimpse of daylight. Everything was scattered as though someone has interrupted and it had frozen. It looked like a dressing room. At first pip thought there was a fine ladies dressing table which actually was an altar. Miss havisham was sitting in an arm chair with an elbow resting on the table and her head leaning on that hand which shows she's very tired and fed up with life. She was wearing rich materials and everything was white but fading and rotting turning yellow. ...read more.


Why did Miss Havisham not send everything back and get over it? Obviously she couldn't take the reality and waited there in case he came back. Another example would be pip when he got given all the money, when he thought it was from miss havisham when it was actually from the prisoner Magwitch. If he knew this when he was given the money what would he have done with it? Pip was also more fascinated in the fact miss havisham is how she is rather than an ordinary old lady so that was one of the reasons in which why she was like she was in the novel. Everyone played a part in shaping how pip turned out because the money from Magwitch helped him learn how to be a gentleman and he did this so he could impress Estella who he fell in love with when he first met her years before. Miss havisham played apart because that's how he met Estelle and his reasons for spending the money on it as pip originally thought it was from her also Joe the blacksmith for always being there for him. I think altogether it is a good novel in which all the characters link together and the plots in the story also are well linked. ?? ?? ?? ?? Laura Davis 11S ...read more.

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