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Public Smoking - Ban it, please.

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Public Smoking - Ban it, please. Smoking is like marmite; you either love it or loathe it. Unfortunately, unlike marmite eaters, the amount of smokers in Britain has increased worryingly in the past twenty years. Figures show that in Britain alone, around 15 million people, nearly a quarter of the population, have confessed to trying the infamous tobacco-filled cylinders, and an argument on whether or not smoking in public should be allowed is likely to go on unless the government come up with a sure fire solution. It is hard to believe nowadays that once upon a time, smoking in public was seen as glamorous. ...read more.


He smoked anywhere he could, not knowing that his smoke was endangering the lives of people around him. One of the major causes of lung cancer is not smoking the cigarettes themselves, but by merely breathing in the smoke exhaled by the smokers. Roy Castle, a famous comedian and night club owner was a famous anti-smoker, yet he died of lung cancer. How was this possible for such a man so against the drug? Every night he was breathing in the smoke from his customers at his night club, filling his lungs with so much tar, it would be hard to believe the man had never had a smoke in his life. ...read more.


Norway is one example of a country that has taken measures to ensure that public places remain smoke-free. The Norwegian government has proposed a total ban on smoking in public places by 2004. Under this ruling, smokers would only be allowed to inhale and exhale the toxic smoke outside and in their homes. Several states and cities in the USA, Canada and Australia have also followed suit, and my advice to the British government is to imitate the Norwegian system and ban public smoking altogether. Like the currency conversion from Pound to the Euro, this ban may not be accepted in all households, but it would significantly reduce the number of smoke-related fatalities in the long term. If anyone is caught breaching the rule, fine them. It's simple and effective. Dariush Kamyab ...read more.

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