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Pure Innocence

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PURE INNOCENCE CHAPTER ONE; ESCAPE Michael Fletcher woke with a bang; he had hit his head on the ceiling again. It felt like it was about to explode. He clutched it tightly with his caring, gentle, healing hands and this appeared to numb the pain. The pain weakened and Mike released his head from his hands' clasp. In doing so, the hands turned back into the rough, tired old things he had gone to sleep with. He swung his tired legs over the side of the bunk bed and climbed down the cold, metal ladder. It was an old bed and was made of metal, but it suited him. As long as he got his sleep he was all right, because he could get stressed if he didn't get his beauty sleep. He walked stiffly towards the mirror. It seemed to enlarge the cell as well as reflect the little amount of light that managed to find its way into the small, dank, dark room. His legs were just waking up. He sniffed the musty air and gave a deep, tired sigh. The mirror was in the corner of the room where the sink clung to the wall with its rusty, arm-like nails. When he peered in, a stranger looked back at him. He had big, blue eyes and rough, tough, unshaven skin with dimples. The stranger looked almost ghost like except for the infrequent sunrays caught in the exercise yard on a fine day. "Never should have happened." Mike whispered to himself, dwelling on the past. Mike used to be an executive manager in a big petroleum company like BP. One day everything went wrong. The day had started really well. He had clinched a deal with a Californian trucking company that would bring in a good payment, enough to retire on. An assistant then walked into the office and reported a missing worker. ...read more.


Mike replied secretively. "Sure just be careful." And Mike took the keys and left without saying another word. First stop was the train station. He had left his army stuff there for safekeeping just in case the worst case scenario ever did happen, which it had. He calmly walked in and opened the safety deposit box. Inside was his old desert eagle he had received during Vietnam for bravery beyond the call of duty. His dog tags and beret, which he had worn with pride, were still there. He decided not wear them now, as what he was going to do would not be completely legal, or honourable. CHAPTER THREE; THE CLUE Mike was now refreshed and ready for action, but he had no idea where he was going to start. Where to go? The villains could be anywhere. He needed a clue, a little help just to get him started. He went down to the river where he had a boat. Marge would surely have kept it. As he went through the park gates he could just about make out the lake. He drove a bit further up the road and sure enough, there was his boat, the 'Lady of the Lake', just sitting there peacefully. He parked the car and climbed on board. He reached underneath the loose board in the cabin and there were the keys. He pushed them into the ignition, turned the key, and it choked, "Come on, don't fail me now, come on!" And with those few words of encouragement she roared with excitement. Her captain was back in town, and her engine was ready for action. Mike sailed her out to the middle of the lake, lowered the anchor and pulled out his fishing rod. He sat back and started thinking. That was the problem with Mike and fishing, he found it too hard to keep his mind on the task put out in front of him. ...read more.


Mike found the handle to the end door of the corridor and opened it. He found himself on a walkway above a large room which had a large, rectangular, wooden table in the middle. Around it were several groups of men discussing something that seemed to be upsetting one of the groups of people. It was amazing how they had not heard the explosions upstairs. All of a sudden one of the men looked up, "Good evening Mr Fletcher, I have been expecting you," he said Mike reached for his gun but the man warned him not to, "Oh come on now Fletcher, there's no need for that. Well, I'm sure that you'll remember me, but you do not know my name, I am Henry Bolarchy." The man claimed. "I do not see the point in wasting time so lets get this over with." Bolarchy picked up a pistol from the table. "Just before I shoot you, do you have any last requests" Bolarchy asked Mike suddenly remembered this guy was one of the men from the room where the trouble had started. "Yeah, I don't want much. I just want a full confession, that's all, just to hear a criminal confess. To know how you conducted your ingenious plan" Mike asked, with the plan to not only buy time in his mind. "Yes, I was rather excellent. Fine, I'll will grant you this one request." Bolarchy then went on to explain the whole thing and how it had actually been a lucky accident for him that Mike had arrived when he did. The police had broken through the guards attempt to stop them and they burst into the room. It was strange how not a single person shot a single bullet, everyone gave in straight away, it wasn't like it was in the movies. Fortunately for Mike he had brought a mini tape recorder with him and recorded the whole confession. Mike still went back to prison though for another two weeks, for carrying an unlicenced weapon, the permit had expired two years before. ...read more.

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