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purpose of satisfying the audience

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Nura Hassan 10 Chestnuts How effective are the 2 articles on meeting the purpose And satisfying the audience? By looking at the studied articles "Lohan Behold" by 'Sugar' magazine featuring Lindsay Lohan and "I don't need to take care of a man to be happy" by 'Cosmopolitan' featuring Jennifer Lopez. The main purpose of the two articles is to promote the celebrities lives by entertaining their audience. The title "Lohan behold", automatically promotes Lohan, using the word "Behold", it is like they are showing her off. The use of font is in a rough, somewhat untamed in a manner which reflects her personality. The font cuts through the picture this suggests that this is a reflection of Lohan's attitude, it seems she has no control of her life. this is shown by the way she is posing in the image, because she is new to the celebrity world, it seems that she's cutting through the celebrity world as the title is cutting through the picture. The title "I don't need a man to be happy" in Cosmopolitan has emphasized the words 'take care' and 'man' and 'happy'. The title is bold and eye catching, this may suggest that they are trying to target the audience especially women that are married. They may be in the same sort of situation as Jennifer. In both articles they are selling the celebrities in a positive light. ...read more.


In the article from 'Cosmopolitan' Jennifer is more in control and has a more appropriate picture for her target audience which is women from 20-30 where as the picture from 'sugar' is suited for young adults from 13-17. The image of Jennifer is natural and has a sharp focus with a light background to make her stand out more. Jennifer looks like the glamorous one as she says that she no longer has to try hard to please others. This is because her hair is tied back just like herself tied away from the publicity. Her hair is tidy and neat like herself and it is unlike Lindsay's hair. Lopez is also smiling at you being more welcoming and approachable whereas Lindsay looks rebellious and standoffish which gives "Cosmopolitan" readers a good impression. The article meets the purpose of entertaining the audience using imagery. The purpose of Lohan's article is to introduce Lindsay and make the target audience who are teenagers, more drawn in and interested in Lindsay's life t. The tag which is a piece of small text that tells you about the article, works in favour of promoting both celebrities. In Lindsay's case; "... an alleged love for booze and bad boys... Lindsay's not your average Hollywood A-lister...". "Sugar" uses quick chatty informal language and the use of "booze" which is colloquial language. It also uses words like "nope" and "stuffin" helps to sell and promote her. ...read more.


"Apparently Colin Farrell turned down the lovely Lindsay when did he get so fussy" The anchorage is pointing the finger at Farrell, making him look bad but in my view it just makes Lindsay look more desperate and in need of promotion. Farrell is a celebrity known for his popularity for dating all girls. Whereas Jennifer Lopez doesn't seem to need it, because she has so many years of experience in the celebrity light. The desperation of Lindsay Lohan is more apparent now because she looks like another Hollywood clone, she's become skinny and blonde just like her friend Paris Hilton ( a popular super model) from looking healthy uniquely beautiful to skinny and blonde. In other words selling herself more then she needs to. She is contradicting herself because in the article when she's asked about dieting she says "NO!...... its sad how people have become so aware of how they look", but now she's completely changed herself. The two articles entertain, inform and sell the celebrities lives in a positive light and satisfy the audience using imagery and words appealing to the target audience. In Lohan's case she is promoting herself to please her target audience using colloquial language and sorter text. Whereas in Lopez's article, it refers to her love life and puts her in a positive light towards her target audience. Using longer words, formal language and text. The type of language and the length of the text suits and satisfies the different audiences. ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 - ...read more.

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