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Questions on the news article: LightFantastic, China thrills the watching world as is in the English pre-release for the 2010 GCSE's

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English Answers 1) I think that the title, "Light Fantastic, China thrills the watching world" has a rather simple meaning. The phrase "Light Fantastic" (referring to a dance), could refer to the fact that the event was a light-filled spectacle, full of fireworks (the article states at the start that 287 fireworks had gone off before a famous basketball player had come in, to be specific), and that, as we see at numerous points in this very much opinion-based article, lacking in any real fact, that the event was a "fantastic" one (another showing of opinion, covered in question 3). The second part of the title, which does not come across clearly as being a title either, "China thrills the watching world" is simply there to compliment the Chinese for their opening ceremony, as he does more or less throughout the article, such as "This was raising the bar so high", "they looked impressive", "every spectators breath was taken away", "incredible sights", "bangs and wallops", "jaw-dropping", "incredible moment", and "brilliantly produced", to name just a few. ...read more.


The fourth paragraph discusses the beginning of the ceremony, using somewhat stereotypical humour, when he describes the Chinese percussion pieces as "laundry baskets", then goes on to say how they instantly destroyed everything Athens had done four years ago. Paragraph 5 discusses the middle block of the ceremony, describing it in a complimentary way. He describes "incredible sights", such as when pianist Lang Lang and a 5 year old helper played the piano, whilst 2000 dancers turned "spangly" around them. He also gets in another sardonic piece at Britain when he mentions how this performance would never be seen on Strictly Come Dancing (a popular reality dancing show on the BBC, featuring celebrities dancing with professionals). Paragraph 6 goes on to describe the ending, with veteran gymnast Li Ning lighting the Olympic flame by being "lynched" to the top of the stadium, as well as make a comment about how they removed any chance of fault from the games. ...read more.


4) The language used in this article is of a somewhat simple nature, so that it doesn't engulf the casual reader, whilst also keeping a degree of style to it, as not to bore the reader in the process. There are several world that help maintain such interest, such as crescendo, terrifying, wallops, spangly, perambulation, and jaw-dropping, whereas phrases such as astonishing physical specimen, utterly terrifying, sensory overload, barked like thunder, every spectators breath was taken away, visual overload and circular perambulation add to the excitement. 5) The two pictures have different effects, The first one is very effective, as it gives us a visual view of a part of the Olympics Ceremony, taken in a way to compliment it, as well as going well with the title that is actually on the picture, as well as focusing on the light, energy and fire of the Ceremony, whereas the second picture shows Mark Foster, the Olympic swimmer, carrying the Great Britain flag, as mentioned in the article. The thumbs up sign reminds us that the Games is about the Olympians. ...read more.

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