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Rain Man Review

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Rain Man The movie Rain man is rated M15+ for over 15 years old. Its director Barry Levinson won the 1988 Academy award Best Director for the movie. The film has a fairly simple story line and with a similar structure to the novel by Mark Haddon's "the curious incident of the dog in the night time" it has a beginning, middle, and end with its events occurring in chronological order. In the film, Charlie's (Tom Cruise) millionaire father has died, but at the reading of the will Charlie discovers that he has inherited a 1949 Buick, some well-tended rose bushes and something more important, a previously unknown autistic brother, Raymond. The 3 million dollars he wanted had gone to Raymond, who was living in Wallbrock institution. ...read more.


For this chosen movie Hoffman won the 1988 Academy Award for Best Actor. Tom Cruise is well cast in the role of Charlie Babbit a young hustler who is trying to get his disabled brother's inheritance. The fact that his character is a young, slick, used car salesman implies he has had some experience in doing sly deals. He's been on his own long enough to know how to work people and situations. While it is a drama it does have some comedy. The humour in this movie has been used well and shows the change experience by the audience. Originally the humour was about Raymond's unusual behaviours then it changed from laughing at him to laughing with him and Charlie as they joked around like when they were playing out 'the old gag' Who's on first and What's on second. ...read more.


The themes in the movie are disability, family love and inherited money. Raymond is a high functioning autistic man, who has many special skills - he can count toothpicks as they hit the ground and can even count cards in Poker. This provides an advantage for Charlie and enables him to rake in the cash in Las Vegas. While Raymond's quirky behaviours provide a challenge for Charlie - breakfast always the same, underwear only from K-mart in Cincinnati, his insistence about no air travel provides them with a valuable opportunity to bond as brothers. Charlie's mood turns from anger and frustration to love for his brother, that is when the film is at its most rewarding. At the railway station it seems to be an impersonal way to break their journey, a preferred ending may have been for Charlie to see Raymond safely home to Wallbrook. ...read more.

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