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'The crucible' is set in Salem, 1692- The play is written by Arthur Miller. The main motive of his play was not to merely entertain the audience but have a story with an allegory. The man was a victim of McCarthyism- him and along with his friends were accused of been "communists" in a capitalist country; therefore severe punishments would have been handed. Senator McCarthy was heavily accused in the 50's. People claimed suspicion on everyone, foes and even friends to save their own lives. After all when your own life is at stake, you selfishly rightly care about your life only in such a plight? For some people it was a perfect dilemma to take revenge and seize this opportunity to hit back at enemies. The situation was almost like 'be hunted or hunt'. Similarly in Salem accusations were made against innocent people of witchcraft. These accusations were wild and wrong, and were thrown at people and for one their punishments they would be literally 'thrown' off a cliff as well. Miller is making a connection between these two historical events. For American people it is a touching and stirring play but however crucially it can be for everyone because all the issues shown effects any society; superstition been one. This could answer why it has been renowned and his prominent even now, and is performed even 50 years after it was originally written. The people of Salem believed sternly in no form of entertainment as they were a pious puritan community. They had to follow religion dearly and use it practically to live their lives according in a devout manner. They thought and alleged that they were the God's 'selected people'- so they tried to devote and revolve their lives to, around God. ...read more.


Miller here could also be implying that in McCarthyism, bundles of people happened to be broken by jealousy and this builds up dramatic tension within the audience and a sense of foreboding. Miller's comparison linked with Salem to McCarthyism highlights injustice in both periods and 'The Crucible' can and would make people and audience aware of the reality. Salem had not been the best place for some people now; especially John Proctor after his wife had been accused and taken away. John reveals his ideas and judgments about the way that Salem is running: 'we are what we always were in Salem but now the little crazy children are jangling the keys to the kingdom and common vengeance writes the law!' This phrase shows that Salem is in complete tatters because now everything is merely run by children and only crazy obscure ideas fill the mind of the town's people and control them. He suggests that Abigail and her group have the whole villagers 'wrapped around their fingers'. 'Jangling the keys' implies that the villagers are been mislead and foolish as to trust these girls- 'crazy children'. This connotes that the people of Salem are been controlled by immature kids, their actions, reactions and thoughts. 'Kingdom' this highlights that the girls are fooling the community and taking control with full authority as how the kingdom is run. He is finding this hard to believe and manifests his anger towards this by: 'common vengeance now writes the law!' John says that all the accusations put on people were the result of revenge and malice acts. 'Her breath knocked out' the stage direction shows how stupefied Elizabeth feels because of Abigail. ...read more.


'Sky' could also connote that he is staring down to God, challenging his force and destiny. It would be numinous wonder looking up at the heavens, questioning his fate and would have a presence of awe. At this stage the audience will share his feeling for unspecified tension. Arthur Miller shows Hale's furiousness as religious language is used to for emotive effect: 'let you counsel among yourselves; think on your village and what may have drawn from heaven such thundering wrath upon you all. I shall pray God open up your eyes.' Since the context of the language used is religious, this creates dramatic tension between the audiences because in Salem religion played a big role in people roles and belief, therefore this makes the speech much more potent and effective. What may have drawn from such thundering wrath upon you all.' This implies that Hale is adamant and believes that Salem was guilty from committing sinister sins. He acquires them to comprehend that they have upset God, now rightfully deserve their consequences. Again there is dramatic tension between the audiences as they are conscious of Salem's sins. Out of the all characters on the stage, only John Proctor is aware of this. 'The Crucible'- was an allegory sending hidden messages that during both in McCarthyism and Salem, they key features were hysteria, suspicion, revenge and envy. The devil concepts and witch craft in Salem subjected innocent people to be prosecuted. Arthur Miller's motive is to bring realisation to the people of America that 'be hunted or hunt' logic of Senator McCarthy was incorrect. By using an allegory in the play he was able to show the past, historical events and ensure the same mistakes don't occur again, and history should be history, not repeated. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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