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Report on "The Simpsons Movie".

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´╗┐Friday 19th April 2013 Controlled Assessment: The Simpsons Movie The funniest and most watched movie in cinemas and on T.V programmes the one and only The Simpsons Movie. The Simpsons Movie is a 2007 American animated comedy movie. The Simpsons Movie is a spectacular Movie. It is so amazing that you couldn?t believe it as it is that superior. The Simpsons Movie is the only feature length film adaptation of the Simpsons. Overall, The Simpsons Movie is definitely one of the best comedies of 2007. In my opinion the Simpsons Movie amusing; and magnificent I have thoroughly enjoy every minute of it. ...read more.


It has been translated into various languages, not only children from the UK/England buy it but in different countries such as, Germany, China, France. The film was a box office success, as it grossed over $527 million and received positive reviews. Dan castlellaneta is the actor who plays the role and voice of homer Simpsons. Nancy Cartwright is the actor who plays the role of Bart Simpson. The director is David Silverman he is an American animator best known for directing numerous episodes of the animated TV series The Simpson?s, as well as the Simpsons movie. ...read more.


However, someone forgot to tell Homer Simpsons that, and when he dumps a large amount of pig excrement in it, he inadvertently dooms spring, his family, and himself. Previous attempts to create a film version of the Simpsons failed due to lake of a script. In a nutshell they had to slow things down a little bit order to work the story line that was clear enough to keep the audience focused on the move for the entire time. 87 minutes you are going to enjoy the entertainment. The Simpsons move is the best film and always will be the best film. Ultimately I recommend this film. As it has great animations, a good story line and some very, very funny moments. Why wouldn?t you want to see this film? ...read more.

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