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response to a text - nasa launches first earth-like hunting aircraft

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http://english.people.com.cn/90001/90783/91322/6609085.html Friday, 6 March, 2009 10:49 am. The Delta 2 rocket blasts off from pad 17-B at Cape Canaveral Air Force station in Florida. The craft, Kepler is carrying the first telescope of its kind ever to be taken into space. It will look for Earth-like planets in a particular area of the Milky Way. It is the question we have been asking ourselves for ages. A question we have never been able to answer, being capable of no more than speculating but never knowing for sure. "Are there any planets like ours out there or are we alone?" For me one part of this question is already answered. I have no doubt that there are other inhabitable planets in the universe. ...read more.


It seems like a ridiculous and absurd thought and even though these planets would be unthinkably distant from each other it makes sense to me. I can find sense in this thought as long as I rely on the theory of the universe being endless. Sadly even this is quite unprovable. I have no idea how scientists came to this conclusion but it seems like a wild assumption to make when we can't even properly see out of our own solar system. With the launch of the Kepler craft, however there could be factual evidence of Earth-like planet. It would no longer be a matter of theories but facts. ...read more.


What good will the finding of an Earth-like planet give us? Of course we want to know what is around us but knowledge that can't be put to practical use is by me useless knowledge. The money that was spent on this project could have been used for other purposes. 600 million dollars would have fed a lot of starving mouths, improved education standards in countries of need and in general made the world around us a tiny bit better. Investing into scientific research is in my opinion important. However only when there is a beneficial outcome in store. With the Kepler project I just don't see how the findings will give us any needed knowledge. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kry�tof Kor�n ...read more.

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