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Revelations. The bell hit my ears like a sharp dagger, I grabbed my books and darted for the door but my heart sunk as Mr Coleman called me to stay behind.

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Hannah B Harper Revelation I stared longingly out the window, where the leaves danced around the desolate climbing frame and the towering trees moaned as the wind hit them from all directions. Mr Coleman slapped a sheet face down on to my desk, my daydreams were shattered and my attention was turned to the big red F written on the front of my test. This took me by surprise, because I speci?cally remember sitting down on my stomach across my bed, till the break of dawn, revising for this particular quiz. Sometimes I feel his failing me on purpose, just because we don't get on most of the time, well, all the time. The bell hit my ears like a sharp dagger, I grabbed my books and darted for the door but my heart sunk as Mr Coleman called me to stay behind. As I unwillingly dragged my feet to where he stood, leaning back on the cupboard, crossed arms, my books slid from my hands to beneath his feet. He looked down at me in dismay as I scrambled to the ?oor. ...read more.


A grin rose from my mouth to my rosy cheeks. When I got home later that day my mum had beat me to my room, she lent on my wardrobe, crossed arms, just as Mr Coleman did. "Why are you late?" her face was stern and her eyes were sharply ?xed on mine. "I went to the get a hot chocolate with April." I slumped my bag on to a beanbag and ?opped on my back with my arms stretched out onto my bed. I looked up to the ceiling and then backwards to watch my mother as she traced her ?nger round the carved border of the wardrobe. "Is there anything you want?" I asked, trying to edge her out the room. She looked up as if forgotten what she came for, her eyes looked worried of a moment and she shuddered, she then straightened herself up and cleared her throat. "I got a call from Mr Coleman this afternoon" "Already?" I said sarcastically, she stood there open eyed, appalled that I didn't seem to care as much as she did and for interrupting her. ...read more.


Today when I got home I unwrapped layers and sat by the radiator in the kitchen, I ?xed myself a toasted bagel spreader with cream cheese. Mum ?ashed back and forth through the door way and slipped her arm through her handbag. "Where you going?" I called after her. "To your school, Mr Coleman wants to have a word about you, theres food in the fridge." I got up from my stool which scrapped against the ?oor making a piercing sound. Opening the fridge I sneered at the leftover pizza from last night. I popped it in the microwave and watched the glowing screen. Then the door slammed shut and I watched Mum as she swooped into the car. A buzzing then shook my glass and I reached for the tea towel which I pulled away to ?nd Mums phone. "MUMM" I screeched forgetting it was just me in the house. I ?icked her the screen up and down, but then looked at the screen, it read 'New message from Rick Coleman.' I scrolled down the inbox to see almost every text was from the same Rick guy, and me. I read the unopened one, my face became blank , my stomach was eating me up. Mr Coleman is dating my Mum. ...read more.

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