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Revenge. For the past few weeks I had been tracking Chases movements meticulously and I knew, like always that this Tuesday evening, he would be taking his dog for a walk through the park and back to his flat.

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Revenge Ryan Chase. The symbol of everything wrong in this world would soon be able to cause no more damage to my life. As I was sitting in my blackened rented Ford Mondeo I began to reminisce about the events that the last half year had thrown my way. All was fine. I had a beautiful wife, a respectable job and a nine month year old daughter who meant the world to me. How could anyone one be allowed to snatch something so precious away from me? Someone did. Six months ago, my wife Sarah was taking Kimberley back from her nursery when they were crushed brutally by a car. I can still remember vividly receiving the phone call and sprinting to the hospital not knowing the true extent of their injuries. I remember trying to convince myself that they only had minor ailments, a sprained wrist at the worst. However when I did eventually reach their beds, my eyes lay witness to a scene that broke me. The love of my life lay silently on a bed and her injuries were all too obvious. There was still a faint glow in her eye and as I dropped to my knees and crawled to her side she murmured something to me. Then she was gone. Bewildered, I turned to my left only to see a sheet being raised over my daughter. It took me days to comprehend what had happened and naturally I assumed that the driver had stopped immediately after and had called for help, yet I later found out he had only been caught days later. ...read more.


Approaching the woods, I delved into my inside pocket and scoured for the instrument which would bring integrity and honesty to our society. The chilliness of the handgun came as a shock to me and seemed to send a static bolt of electricity through my arm, yet still I gripped it firmly. All the emotions of the past months came flooding back to me, pent up anger needing to be released: I could end this now, I could avenge my wife and daughter. The adrenaline was gripping me like a hurricane would do to a car and I felt like I might explode in a rage of ferocity and fury. Did he feel remorse? Does he have a heart? No. If he did then he would not have driven on pretending that nothing had happened, he would have pulled over and phoned an ambulance. Those vital minutes could have saved them. Shuddering with calm apprehension, I loaded two bullets into the gun, just to make sure and levelled the weapon. The rain stopped. We both halted, he marvelling at the weather, myself at my river like tears that soon formed streams as they surged down my cheeks. His life was in my hands. With fire in my eyes and ice in my veins I bellowed, "Why?" His face, as he turned round, was full of surprise. After the ordeal he had put me though, did he not recognise me? The scales of justice of which I was so carefully perched on collapsed and my finger crushed the trigger in one fell swoop. ...read more.


Unexpectedly, I heard a sudden wail from behind me and I swirled around full of surprise yet what I saw before shocked me even more. A man was holding a handgun levelled at my chest. The warmth of the bullet came as a shock to me and within seconds I was on the floor writhing in agony. I now knew who it was. It could only be him. My vision was a blur yet I could still see him approaching me and kneeling by my side. I tried to speak to him; to tell him the truth which he so painfully desired. I attempted to open my mouth but the pain allowed me only a few words. I had longed to explain to him for months, that it was not me who had caused him such agony. It was not me who had been driving the damned car which had killed his family. It was my son. I did what any devoted and loving father would have done and took the blame on my shoulders. After being stopped by the police I had lied and said that it had been myself who had been driving and that I was drunk. The police had been fooled and since I had pleaded guilty I was given a mere 6 months suspended sentence; a pittance of what I should have received. However, as I was lying on the ground, blood suffocating my lungs I was unable to tell him this, to show that I was not a murderer. My eyes closed and I slipped into unconsciousness as I felt the warmth of his hands close up around neck. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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