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Review three of the stories for a magazine called 'Crime Monthly', saying why such 'old' examples of the crime genre are still popular today.

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Coursework Assignment- Review three of the stories for a magazine called 'Crime Monthly', saying why such 'old' examples of the crime genre are still popular today. Crime Monthly The first Sherlock Holmes story appeared in a popular British magazine, the Strand, in August of 1891. It was republished in 1892, along with eleven other Sherlock Holmes stories, in the collection The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Doyle's ingenious plots and captivating central characters, Holmes and his sidekick Watson, brought the author literary success in his own time. Further, the Sherlock Holmes stories provided later writers with models for their own work. The existence of today's popular detective tales, whether in the form of books, movies, or television shows, is in large part due to Doyle's influence. This ranges from the simple translation of Holmes from books to the silver screen, one of the most notable being 'The private life of Sherlock Holmes' produced in 1970. The Hound of the Baskervilles being the most popular story produced in cinema, his stories are so popular Disney, the film called 'The Great Mouse Detective', has even transformed him into an animation, in the form of a mouse. ...read more.


Holmes becomes excited at Wilson's description of Spaulding. In the evening after the League was disbanded, Homes gathers Watson, Inspector Lestrade, and Mr. Merryweather, the Director of the bank, to descend into its vault beneath the bank. They lay in wait in the dark. Soon Spaulding is seen descending into the vault. At his capture it is revealed that his actual name is John Clay, a criminal of whom Holmes is well aware. He and his compatriot, Archie, alias Duncan Ross, are arrested. Like all of Doyle's stories "The Red-Headed League" presents a detailed portrait of turn-of-the-century London and gives readers glimpses of a society undergoing rapid change. Among these changes are alterations in the class structure, Britain's rise as a world economic power, and urban growth-along with a rising crime rate. Its style and structure make it a nearly perfect example of the modern detective story, first devised by Edgar Allan Poe fifty years previously. The Speckled Band was one of Doyle's favourite Sherlock Holmes stories. ...read more.


This tale has been a favourite with Holmes readers, for there is no crime, no murder, and yet a woman bests the great detective for once. The Sherlock Holmes collection is till popular today because, firstly it is what most modern crime stories are based on, all crime writers try to get that recipe for brilliance that Sir Arthur got when writing the novels. He manages to make readers so involved that they try matching their wits against Sherlock Holmes, to see if they can solve the mystery along with him. This is usually a task doomed to failure because of the first-person narrative style, in which the detective's less-intelligent friend Watson tells the story and is as amazed as any reader when the detective reveals his solution. Not only does the solution amaze, so does the clinical ruthlessness and simplicity with which Holmes reaches it. Any author today would be filled with pride if he/she managed to achieve this with their readers. Doyle manages to encapsulate the reader, make them think of what is unfolding in front of them and forbid them from putting the story until they have finished. That makes a great story and a great author. ...read more.

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