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Romeo’s rejected love from Rosaline and his returned love for Juliet.

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When reading the first act of Romeo and Juliet, I gained a brief understanding of Romeo's rejected love from Rosaline and his returned love for Juliet. At the beginning of this act, Romeo is deeply in love with Rosaline. Yet he comments negatively about his love for her. This is because Rosaline does not return the love for Romeo had given to her. This suggested in the quote "Alas that love, so gentle in this view" therefore Romeo is stressed with his life. "Is the day so young?" this indicates that the time is dragging by. This also shows that if there is no love in his life then there is no enjoyment in his life. When Romeo is in love with Juliet love is less flowery and realistic. This is strengthened in this quote "so show a snowy dove trooping with crows". This suggests that Juliet is a white or pure dove, who is standing out from the black crows. He uses romantic language, but when Romeo was in love with Rosaline love was very negative and Romeo always commented on the way his life would pass by. ...read more.


It may have been true love that was mutually felt between them both. Where as when Romeo is in love with Rosaline, he has very vague definitions of love. Romeo defines love as "love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs". This conveys the idea that love is like a big black cloud, which is difficult to escape from. Shakespeare stresses that the love Rome's tangled in is very difficult to get out of. Romeo is finding it extremely hard to forget Rosaline. On the same day, Romeo gatecrashes the Capulet's party with a few friends. That night he sees love at first sight. He falls deeply in love with Juliet because of her appearance. Juliet also falls in love at first sight. Even she falls in love with Romeo's appearance. Romeo says "for I ne'er saw true beauty till this night". This illustrates that Juliet's beauty is true beauty. It also emphasises that Rosaline was not defined to him as true beauty. Therefore there was obviously something different he saw in Rosaline. ...read more.


Although Romeo and Rosaline had an invisible relationship, Romeo and Juliet's relationship was dramatic. Both relationships affected Romeo's actions in someway or another. Rosaline had made Romeo unhappy in his life, as she did not return the love, which Romeo had for her. Juliet was so beautiful that Romeo fell in love at first sight (not knowing who she was or knowing where she came from). We can also see that Juliet had turned Romeo's 'negative love' into 'positive love'. After concluding all the points, I personally think that Romeo's love for Rosaline for is more sincere than his love for Juliet. This is because when Romeo falls in love with Juliet, it is love at first sight and Romeo only falls in love with her because of her appearance. But when Romeo was in love with Rosaline, he did not fall in love with her beauty but who she actually was. At the time when he was in love with Rosaline and was not returned that love, Romeo had been affected by it in his own life. This was because time for him was going slow and 'sad hours seemed long'. Since it was the reason that it was 'true love'. ...read more.

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