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romeo and juliet

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Lady Capulet's job was running the house and organising parties, producing children and caring for them and being a match maker for the family. She expects Juliet to do a similar thing as she does, and expects her to marry a wealthy man, Lady Capulet probably doesn't love Lord Capulet because the marriage was arranged, but is probably like a close friend. She would find it hard to love him because she is like property to him. Lady Capulet didn't raise Juliet she employed the nurse to be a wet nurse. Now a days she would have more say of what happened in her own life and would be able to stand up against her husband. Lady Capulet rarely speaks to her daughter and struggle to when she says "some grief shows love, but much of grief shows still some want of wit." ...read more.


It also shows her hatred towards romeo, that she wants revenge by seeing Romeo dead. I would have Lady Capulet stand up and make a fist as if to threaten to hurt him. I would have Lady Capulet laughing and smiling evilly as she thinks of Romeos death, she would do this when she says, "Shall give him such an unaccustomed dram that he shall soon keep Tybalt company." This means that she want to kill Romeo and will poison him if she had the chance. It also brings in the aspect of how fate can change things and how its affected in life, it also relates to what is said in the beginning of the play. Lady Capulet would have been planning Juliet's wedding, all of Juliet's life so she is excited when she says, " the county paris, ...read more.


She would say it worried and scared because she would be fearful of her husband and worried for her daughter. I would have her place one hand on his hand and the other on his shoulder. Through out the play Lady Capulet shows how much she respects but also fears her husband, she says, "Talk not to me, for I'll not speak a word Do as thou wilt, for I have done with thee." This means that's she doesn't care for what Juliet has to say and just wants her to agree with Lord Capulet. She would agree with him because of the amount of respect he has and of what he might do if she doesn't listen. I would have her staring at Juliet as if agreeing with her, but then she would shake her head to say that she shouldn't say and then begin to talk. ...read more.

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