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romeo and juliet

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Romeo & Juliet How does Shakespeare make act three scene one of Romeo and Juliet dramatically effective? My essay is going to be about Shakespeare's background and his play writing on Romeo and Juliet. William Shakespeare was born in Stratford upon Avon in 1564. There was a record made of his christening, so we can assume that he was born a few days earlier. Shakespeare's father, John Shakespeare was a glove maker and slowly he became a big bailiff of Stratford. Shakespeare mother, Mary Arden was the daughter of a land owner. It is for sure that Shakespeare had attended grammar school. In 1582, Shakespeare got married to a woman called Anne Hathaway; she was older than Shakespeare by 8 years. A year after their marriage they had their first child, Susanna. Susanna was christened in May 1583. Two other children were born in 1585, they were twins named Hamnet and Judith. Both Shakespeare's daughters lived to get married and produce. Hamnet lived till he was 11 years old, and his burial took place in Stratford on August 1596. ...read more.


Benvolio could be described as sensible, nervous and mature. The character of Tybalt is violent, hostile, aggressive, rancorous and vengeful. The characterisation of Romeo, he is loyal, vengeful and fatalistic. The unimportant characters also make this scene so I think its important to mention who they are and what they are like. Lady Capulet is concerned for honour, implacable and vengeful. Prince Escalus is also in this scene and his features are that he is wise, peaceable and firm. To show their characterisation there are some quotes. Benvolio says, 'I pray thee let's retire'. Mercutio says, 'a plague on both of your houses'. Tybalt says, 'thou art a villain'. Romeo says, 'this day's black fate'. The quote that makes lady Capulet vengeful is, 'for blood of ours shed blood of Montague'. The phrase that Prince Escalus says to make him wise and peaceable is, 'I will be deaf to pleading ears and excuse'. These quotes match to each of their characters and how they are set. The language and dramatic devices that Shakespeare uses are very important to the play so that Shakespeare can make the audience feel the same way as the characters. ...read more.


The part that Romeo becomes sad also contributes to the audience because the emotions, lightening and sounds that Shakespeare has created effects the audience, so they also feel bad when Romeo is feeling guilty that he dies for him. Before this scene Shakespeare set up the scene so he could make this scene very dramatic and could build the tension. So he wrote the scene as Romeo and Juliet secretly get married, so in act 3 scenes 1 Shakespeare can build the tension as Juliet dies and then Romeo dies after her. The theme that Shakespeare has brought in this scene is tragedy, romance and love. He has added these themes so the play could be more dramatic. These themes also have been introduced a scene earlier so they slow build up to a tension build. He wanted to build the tension for the big fight that Mercutio dies in so the tension between the audience and the play is really high and so that the audience could be really into this play. The theme which is set in this play is the best he used he has made lots of other plays but he has used the best tension build and the best dramatic emotions. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kashyap Varsani 11JC ...read more.

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