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Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet In the film Romeo and Juliet, Baz Luhrmann conveys a great deal about various aspects of the 1990's in an overly dramatic and exaggerated way. I believe that he exaggerated everything in order to convey messages and themes that occur in the story. It shows a great deal of gunfights and what looks like excessive violence but in a round-about way it is trying to show the unseen side of gang wars. It relates to so called 'blood feuds' which are basically founded on the basis of "one of your great grandparents did something to my great grandparent so this means war." ...read more.


were called swords so that in the middle of the gunfights they could say "I will smite you down with my sword!" which would let them keep the script without actually meaning to say that they would run you through with a blade. I guess that it has a main theme of street brutality in where it doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing if you see someone that you dislike; you have the right to just start shooting at them. Of course this is not accurate at all but when the play was written the feuding families sought to regain their honor and they were very rich, so in the end if anyone or anything was damaged, they would just pay for it but no actual jailing or punishments were used upon them. ...read more.


This is portrayed very well in the movie because although it shows a lot of technology and modernisation, it still can take you to a time before the nineteen hundreds and the constants that bring us back are things like the media reports which are on television and newspapers. In conclusion, the film shows a lot about life in the 90's but always with a hint of Shakespeare's era thrown into the mix. It is done quite well and the viewer can easily distinguish the old themes from the new and it has proven to be quite entertaining and unique with the way these themes are presented. ...read more.

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