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romeo and juliet

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What does the use of language in act 3 scene 5 tell you about family tension? Romeo and Juliet By Taiyyib Hussain In William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Act 3 Scene 5 is an eventful scene that keeps the audiences attention. There is a great deal of tension between the characters, as the scene builds up the tension creates a climax. The scene begins with a quixotic atmosphere when Romeo and Juliet are having a secret wedding night in Juliet's bedroom. Nurse Juliet's second mother is guarding the door to inform Juliet if her mother or father is approaching to her chamber, (Lord or Lady Capulet). At the beginning of the scene the language between Romeo and Juliet is very romantic and riveting. As Romeo is parting (due to Lady Capulet approaching to Juliet's chamber), Juliet exhibits tension as she realizes that Romeo must leave her. Juliet refers Romeo as 'love' and 'Husband' showing her gratitude. "Look, love, what envious streaks do lace the severing clouds in yonder east" (lines 7-8 Act 3 scene 5). Juliet persuades Romeo to stay, influencing him that the nightingale is out but Romeo states that there's no 'nightingale', it's the 'lark', which is the morning bird, meaning the night has come to an end, but Juliet's desperation declares that there is no light and therefore is still dark. Juliet does not want to part from Romeo. ...read more.


(act 1 scene 2) We can see from this speech that Capulet is protective of his daughter although he wants her to marry a fine man, but doesn't want her to grow up too quickly. The next part of the scene is in sharp contrast to this quiet anxious farewell between the two lovers. Both Capulets are intense as they criticize their daughter when she refuses to marry Paris. They are perplexed and furious over her disobedience. She says that she wishes the fool were married to her grave!' this is the first sign of the rift crated between Juliet and her parents. Capulet asks of Juliet's motivation for not marrying Paris. "Soft! Take me with you, wife. How! Will she none? Doth she not count her blest, unworthy as she is, that we have wrought so worthy a gentlemen to be her bridegroom?" (Act 3 Scene 5 lines 141-145). Here, Capulet shows his apparent anger that Juliet isn't thankful for her father arranging this marriage, saying that she should be proud and count herself as blessed. This shows Juliet and her father's relationship is starting to waver. This is where the tension is approaching its peak. Lord Capulet is a man who demands respect; when Juliet refuses him he goes mad. Capulet, whose temper has been shown before, explodes into a violent rage and criticizes his daughter for her lack of gratitude. ...read more.


Juliet's last speech in this scene, as she is alone on stage, is of course, a soliloquy; it shows what she is thinking. Both parents use interesting comparisons for Juliet's tears. Lady Capulet suggests that Juliet is trying to wash Tybalt from his grave, because she is crying so much - she tells her daughter that she is crying too much, and makes a play on the words much and some - "Some grief shows much of love", but "much grief shows some want (lack) of wit." Lady Capulet means that Juliet is overdoing her show of grief. Capulet also notices Juliet's tears but uses a metaphor. He compares the light rain of a real sunset with the heavy downpour of Juliet's tears for the death of his brother's son (Tybalt). He develops this into the idea of a ship in a storm at sea - Juliet's eyes are the sea, her body is the bark (ship) and her sighs are the winds. In conclusion there was a lot of tension throughout Act 3 scene 5; the tension started building up as Romeo left Juliet and Verona. As soon as Lady Capulet Entered Juliet's chamber the tension reached its peak. Juliet got insults from her father (Lord Capulet). Juliet received Brutality from her mother as well as dishonesty from Nurse. Juliet had been rejected from her family which made her feel that there was no point for her to live any further and so poisoned herself. ...read more.

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