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Romeo and Juliet

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ROMEO AND JULIET ESSAY EXPLORE HOW THE SCENE HAS BEEN CREATED FOR MAXIMUM IMPACT ON THE AUDIENCE (ACT III, SCENE 5) Romeo and Juliet is a play published and written by William Shakespeare in the year 1594. It is a story of two young lovers destined to die, knowing in fact they come from different families that despise each other. Shakespeare has made act five, scene three dramatic and exciting for the audience with a lot of tension, stressed emotion, curiosity, heartbreaking emotion and much more builds up as this play moves towards the end. At the outset, Romeo is informed by Balthasar about Juliet's death, and upon hearing this Romeo makes preparation to go back to Verona. However, before this Romeo transpires, reacts with unconstrained emotion. He passionately and rowdily defies fate, swearing to be united with Juliet at any cost. After sending Balthasar to hire horses, Romeo goes to an apothecary. Romeo offers the apothecary forty gold coins in exchange for strong poison. The apothecary reminds him that sale of such poison is prohibited and strictly forbidden by law, but Romeo appeals to the apothecary's poverty. ...read more.


The recognition pushes Romeo towards comprehension of Juliet's death, but he never fully realizes her gesture of fidelity. As a structural element, Paris' presence at the tomb causes suspenseful prolongation of action. With every passing minute, chances of Friar Lawrence's arrival of Juliet's awakening increase, last-minute possibilities that tragedy will be avoided. Placing Paris in the tomb, Romeo says that both he and Paris are written "in sour misfortune's book," his final reference to the fate that has doomed his love. He recalls the image of light and dark, too, with mention of the radiance Juliet brings to the tomb. Death seems to have had no influence on her beauty; he comes unknowingly close to discovering the friar's plan, for the effects of drugs are wearing off. Romeo speaks to Tybalt's corpse, asking for forgiveness and promising the forfeit of his own life in return. Then Romeo again studies Juliet's beauty. Fearing "that unsubstantial Death is amorous" and makes Juliet a lover, he swears never to leave the tomb. Shedding the burden of an ill-omened destiny, Romeo drinks the poison in salute to Juliet and dies with a kiss. ...read more.


Quoted "Capulet, Montague,/ See what a scourge is laid upon your hate,/ That heaven finds means to kill your joys with love!/And, I for winking at your discords too,/ Have lost a brace of kinsmen. All are punish'd." Montague will build a golden statue of Juliet, Capulet one of Romeo, to symbolize the couple's love and fidelity. The warring families have been united in sorrow. To sum it all up, this is how Shakespeare himself would have described act five scene three: A combination of dramatic and exciting series of heightened tension that causes a maximum and efficient impact on the audience, using many linguistic devices such as emphasizing, extreme exaggeration, rhyme, punctuality as well as repetition and alliteration. Tension, curiosity and tragic emotion build up to dramatize this whole scene. The atmosphere and the way the characters feel makes this scene do justice to the upcoming situation that involves all the deaths. Not to mention several mood swings take place and that is an important (major) factor in the scene. Basically Shakespeare has used his knowledge of the English language and structural poetry and combined them to excite audience. The drama is the biggest factor in this scene! Great Scene to End Romeo and Juliet! ?? ?? ?? ?? 09/12/10 Asfandyar Azhar ...read more.

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