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Romeo and Juliet are described as a

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"Romeo and Juliet" Romeo and Juliet are described as a "pair of star-crossed lovers." Write about the way in which fate is shown to contribute to their tragedy. "Romeo and Juliet" would have been performed to an Elizabethan audience. The Elizabethan audience believed very strongly in "fate" and "fortune". They believed in the power of herbs, the sun and the stars. Herbs had to be picked at certain times of the day for them to work, according to the stars. There was also the belief of a Wheel of Fortune which changed continuously. Fate was destined to happen and no one could alter it. Right from the beginning of the play we know that Romeo and Juliet have "death marked love" which builds up the dramatic tension throughout the play and kept the audience watching. The play starts with a "chorus" which explains to the audience what will happen during the play. ...read more.


In a way Romeo and Juliet also made their own fate in the methods above because they continuously challenged fate and acted at speed. The play has a number of incidents when it is suggested that fate plays a part. In every act there is an event when you can detect fate and the "Wheel of Fortune" turning. The first incident is how Romeo and Juliet meet. They meet at the Capulet party and Romeo shouldn't even be there as he is a "foe" as he is a "Montague." As soon as Romeo sets eyes on Juliet he feels her "beauty" is "too rich for use" and is instantly in love. So right from the beginning fate plays a part as it brings the "star crossed lovers" together. Fate also plays a part as Romeos and Juliet's "love" has "sprung" from their "only hate." This is only one of the incidents where fate is detected. ...read more.


This is because her nurse loves Juliet and wants to see her happy but when the Capulets want Juliet to marry Paris she agrees with them and tells her that it is "best" that she marries "with the County." If the nurse had given Juliet support then the events may have turned out differently. Though the play of Romeo and Juliet seems sad and depressing most of the way through most people see the ending as the most heartrending part but this is one part of the play where fate helps the young lovers. Fate re-unites their families and they finally begin to figure out their "ancient grudge" which is what Capulet's and Montague's children would have wanted. Romeo and Juliet are also together and can no longer be separated from one another despite the fact that they are dead. Even though the play does not end totally tragically there is never a story of "more woe" than "Juliet and her Romeo." Debra Lurie Romeo and Juliet 5/1/2007 ...read more.

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