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Romeo and Juliet Coursework assignment- How is conflict about love linked to tragedy in Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Coursework assignment- How is conflict about love linked to tragedy in Romeo and Juliet? William Shakespeare was one of the most talented writers ever known, one of his greatest achievements, the love story 'Romeo and Juliet'. His main aspiration for this play and resource was that of Arthur Brooke's poem- 'The Tragical history of Romulus and Juliet'. Arthur Brooke's version was set over 9 months as Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is set over a few days. The main reason for this play being set over a couple of days is because Shakespeare wants his play to be set in a quick movement, dramatic tension and with every event commencing very quickly. 'Romeo and Juliet' was first performed in 1595 and then was published as a folio in 1597. The play was set in the renaissance time in the fourteenth and fifteenth century in 'fair' Verona, Italy on two so called 'star-crossed lovers' Romeo, who is from the Montague family and Juliet from the Capulet family. They fall in love at first sight. But the problem with this being the Montague and Capulet family have had a feud between one another for as long as either family could remember. In the prologue Shakespeare cleverly shows the conflict between the major families in the opening prologue where the whole story is summarized in fourteen lines. In the prologue Shakespeare transfers the events of Romeo and Juliet's death with a very small paragraph. In the prologue both Romeo and Juliet are referred to, as 'star-crossed lovers' making it seem as if they are fated to meet, fall in love and then die. Shakespeare also includes the Code of Revenge which is between the family's responsibilities and traditions which every member has to be loyal to. Shakespeare involves the concept with the two families living in Verona where there is a lot of tradition and passion for the families which lead to many deaths occurring. ...read more.


The love Paris feels for Juliet is textbook love. He doesn't really feel for her, he tells Capulet that 'younger than she are happy mothers made' meaning he just wants to marry Juliet he feels nothing towards her, he is just following convention. He is not mentioned again till later on in the book, where he goes to visit Juliet's grave. He takes 'flowers' with him, to lie on her grave next to her. He then grieves by her tomb, saying 'Nightly shall to be strew thy grave and weep' these are not real feelings, he is acting, this is in other words textbook grief. Romeo then enters the grave and Pairs turns to him and says 'my loves' he is obviously exaggerating my love, as he doesn't really love her as explained before it is textbook love. The question you ask yourselves is did Paris even really know Juliet? He even admits to the Friar he has had 'little talk of love' with Juliet. At the very end of the play Capulet and Lady Capulet seem to have changed their tune, and are back to loving their dead daughter. 'O heavens! O wife, look how our daughter bleeds!' this use of explanation marks and the letter 'O', shows Capulet really did love his daughter, Lady Capulet continues by saying 'mis-sheathed in my daughter's bosom!' She really loves and cares for her daughter, but she never actually got the chance to tell her daughter that. It is only when Juliet disobeys them and is not the obedient daughter they become angered. Shakespeare represents another attitude of love as a spiritual commitment and like a religion. Most of Romeo and Juliet involve their struggles against time, their family and the public. There is an everlasting rebellion from Romeo and Juliet against their heritages and traditions. The first conversation between Romeo and Juliet involves a Christian metaphor. ...read more.


I think that Shakespeare wants us to learn of these morals because he does not want the younger generation to make the same mistakes as he did- it is like he is speaking from experience. Some people think that this love like Romeo and Juliet should be totally forbidden for the sake of others around them. It may even happen today which is why we need to know the consequences of love! for this reason, it is still relevant today as many people are still falling in love, not knowing the aftermath of it. Shakespeare's stagecraft and stage directions are quite effectively executed to help contribute to the presentation of love and death in the play. The different uses of language is a good way to present love for example using similes, metaphors and imagery all help us to understand how and why Romeo is in love with Juliet. At the same time, using contradictions to present the aspect of death was by showing the audience using actors and the stage to create the perfect mood and scene to fit the plot, like the fast paced music and denouement of the play where Romeo and Juliet's 'adventure' ends. Shakespeare really wanted to know what is happening or going to happen due to love, so he uses these stage directions to illustrate these themes. Without these directions and indications, we probably would not know why love leads to death in the first place which will also mislead us to the final moral(s). This may seem like a big word to you, but the philosophical implications about the nature of love was the one of the main aims of Shakespeare to present love. The words linked to nature resembling "sun, moon and flowers" are all used to describe Juliet and Romeos love. Is it indicated that love is from nature, for instance a flower without water, will die, hence, without Romeo, there is no point living on earth in her perspective ?? ?? ?? ?? Alqaas Chaudhry 11Sn 9338/17637 Mr Macleod ...read more.

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